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  • 12 Months Unlimited Access
  • 30+ hrs duration
  • Aptitude Test Preparation
  • Competency Based Interview Preparation
  • Self directed & self paced
  • Developed by Experts
  • Online Course
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Prepare for Higher Executive Officer Assessments & Interviews

Aptitude tests are frequently used in the recruitment campaigns for  Higher Executive Officers, especially those which attract a lot of candidates. Candidates generally need to undertake online assessments as part of the selection process as well as an interview.

Our online course is excellent preparation for the aptitude tests and competency-based interviews used during the selection process for Higher Executive Officers in the Civil Service.

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Additional Information
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Course Outline

Introduction to Course

Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests

Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests

Deductive - Logical Reasoning Practice Tests

Assessment Questionnaire

Competency Based Interview

Module 1: Understanding

Module 2: Preparing

Module 3: Performing

Module 4: Video Interviews

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Do I really need to prepare?

An important question to ask yourself is “why wouldn’t I give myself the best chance at passing the assessments?” This course will give you confidence and techniques to maximise your performance for these highly competitive selection tests.

As candidates are usually called forward to the next stage by order of merit, your goal is to maximise your score in order to place as highly as possible. Prepare using practice material based on previous exam questions and gain confidence by becoming familiar with the types of questions that arise. This course will be excellent preparation for anyone who is serious about succeeding in these kinds of competitions.

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