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HPAT Ireland

Ireland’s No. 1 HPAT  Preparation Course.

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HPAT Course

Get fully prepared for the Hpat exam with our Hpat Course. 

Welcome to our HPAT Ireland preparation section. Our highly acclaimed medicine entrance course for the HPAT exam is available to book. Career Services – The Entrance Exam Experts (est. 1987) are Ireland’s leading provider of HPAT exam preparation for the medicine entry exam

We have 35 years of assessment industry experience and have successfully helped thousands achieve their desired university course or career. Remember, the HPAT is an aptitude test not a medical exam. We are experts in aptitude test preparation and committed to helping you on your journey to study medicine.

Our results speak for themselves


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The Best HPAT Courses

The HPAT Course is the most comprehensive HPAT preparation programme available. Exceptional tuition delivered in an engaging and interactive manner. Be fully prepared for all aspects of the HPAT Ireland exam and maximise your performance. 


Expert Tutors

Expert tutor led preparation

Learn how to approach each style of question from our expert tutors. Follow your engaging lessons, do high quality practice questions, development exercises and more.

Expert Materials

Substantial Practice Materials 

Build your skills with the highest quality practice questions. Learn from your mistakes with our detailed solutions.

Video Lessons 

Section 1: 2 hours 4 mins of video lessons with guided practice questions and fully worked solutions

Section 2:  2 hours 33 mins of video lessons with guided practice questions and fully worked solutions

Section 3: 3 hours 44 mins of video lessons with guided practice questions and fully worked solutions

Practice Paper Questions

Section 1: 120 Questions and fully worked solutions.

  • The equivalent of approximately 3 official test papers for this section.

Section 2: 120 Questions and fully worked solutions.

  • The equivalent of approximately 3 official test papers for this section.

Section 3: 180 Questions and fully worked solutions.

  • The equivalent of approximately 6 official test papers for this section.

Full Mock Exam

Fully Timed Mock Exam
Detailed Video Solutions

Test yourself. Compare your progress against other students. Dissect the solutions with the webinar lessons.

HPAT Courses

So, you're thinking about Studying Medicine in University?

First of all, well done on your decision to pursue medicine. This is a challenging and rewarding university course choice. As you may know, entry into university courses in Ireland (including Medicine) is officiated by the Central Applications Office (CAO). Each year, depending on the number of candidates applying for medicine, the CAO decide how many points are required to gain entry into the medicine degree courses.

It's competitive

Students wishing to pursue an undergraduate medicine course must compete against each other for a limited number of university places by achieving points in both the Leaving Certificate Examination and the HPAT®-Ireland exam.

Preparation is a must

The Leaving Certificate will take up the vast majority of your time and that is how it should be. However, the HPAT®-Ireland exam is a notoriously difficult exam. If you are serious about studying medicine you will need to have a realistic study and preparation plan to ensure you achieve your maximum score. This is exactly what the Career Services preparation course provides you with.

About the HPAT® Ireland Exam
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HPAT Ireland Information

Why Us?

Simply put, we give you the best opportunity of succeeding!

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What is the HPAT Exam?

The HPAT®-Ireland exam is the medicine admissions/entry test selected by the Irish Medical Schools for prospective medical students and is administered by the Australian Council for Educational Research Limited (ACER).

The HPAT®-Ireland exam measures a candidate’s logical reasoning and problem-solving skills, non-verbal reasoning, and the ability to understand the thoughts, behaviour and/or intentions of people. It does not test academic knowledge and candidates do not require special understanding of any academic discipline.

HPAT®-Ireland is a registered trademark of the ACER. CS Career Services Ltd. is not in any way affiliated with nor endorsed by ACER.

Find out more about how to register for the exam, the exam structure etc. by clicking here:

About the HPAT Ireland Exam?
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A Student's Experience

The following account is written by a Leaving Certificate student who was successful in her HPAT® exam and her application for medicine.

“I have dreamed of becoming a doctor since a very early age. As soon as Leaving Cert year rolled around I knew I had a huge task ahead of me. I found the best way to approach this intimidating year is to do it one step at a time. The big picture at this moment is overwhelming and you can waste a massive amount of valuable time and energy on worry and negative thoughts”….

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Please note: HPAT®-Ireland Exam is a registered trademark of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). CS Career Services Ltd. preparation courses are unaffiliated with and not endorsed by ACER. Our preparation materials are based the format of the HPAT-Ireland assessment and provide the best tuition with the information that is available at the current time. We cannot accept responsibility for any possible changes to future assessments.