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You get access to expertly created practice material that will give you the best preparation for Executive Officer Aptitude Tests and Competency Based Interviews.

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Executive Officer Preparation

The Executive Officer (EO) role is a first-level management role in all government departments and agencies. This role encompasses project management and staff management across a wide range of business areas. Many recruitment competitions for Executive Officers require candidates to undertake aptitude tests and an interview as part of the selection process. We prepare candidates for these. 

Career Services -The Entrance Exam Experts has been Ireland’s leading provider of preparation courses for the selection tests used for entry into various careers since 1987. Our courses have helped thousands of candidates successfully prepare for the aptitude tests and interviews that have formed part of the selection process in many recruitment campaigns within the Civil Service and others.

Our preparation course is optional but it is excellent preparation for the aptitude tests and interviews used in the selection process for various Executive Officer competitions, including those used in the Civil Service.

Only want to prepare for the interview? Check out our Executive Officer Online Interview Course.

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“I purchased the clerical officer course in 2017 and I placed no 1 in my chosen location. Without the course, practising the aptitude test, helpful hints on interviews etc. I would not have placed so high in my location. Since then I purchased the Executive Officer course and again I placed high in my chosen location and I had a placement within 7 months of doing the exams. I would 100% recommend purchasing a course to help you progress in the exams. You get an in-depth explanation on maths and verbal reasoning and with practise you will increase your speed and accuracy for the real exam.I would be happy to purchase a course from Career Services in the future. Staff also extremely friendly and helpful. I have no hesitation recommending Career Services!” – Eileen

Online Course

The course benefits

Designed and developed by our expert team who work full-time in the psychometric test preparation industry. The course is delivered through our user friendly e-Learning platform.

The official psychometric tests will be online, so it makes sense to practice and prepare in a similar online environment. You get instant access to online practice tests, video tutorials, and hundreds of practice questions. Includes comprehensive interview preparation.

You will familiarise yourself with the different styles of aptitude tests that are commonly used for these assessments. You will learn how to recognise patterns in questions. You will develop methodical approaches to help you answer questions.

How it will help you

Performance requires training. Being familiar with the question styles and learning methodical approaches means that you will be able to answer questions quickly and accurately. Achieving that balance means that you will perform well in the psychometric tests, and you will be called forward to the competency-based interview.

Our knowledgeable customer service team are always available to help via phone, email, and social media.

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Course Content

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Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning Lesson

Verbal Exercises

Practice Tests

Video Tutorials

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical Lesson

It is necessary to have a firm grasp on these concepts before attempting any numerical assessment.

Practice Tests

Situational Judgement Tests

Expertly designed practice.

Written Exercise

A comprehensive breakdown of the Written Exercise with guidance on how to approach the exercise.


Competency Based Interview


  • Why competency based interviews are used
  • How the process works
  • The activities of the interview board and candidate
  • Reference Materials
  • Question Categories


  • Application Form
  • How to identify the competencies for your interview
  • Performance / behavioural indicators Generating ideas for your examples
  • STAR Method Assessing your examples
  • Preparing Competency Examples
  • Condensing your information & reviewing


  • The importance of verbal practice
  • What to expect on the day
  • Tips

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