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ESB Aptitude Tests

Aptitude Tests are used as part of the popular ESB Apprenticeship selection process.  After submitting an application form to the ESB via the official ESB website when applications open (usually in Spring each year), candidates receive an invitation via email to complete online aptitude tests. The ESB aptitude tests usually need to be completed in a short window of time (usually a number of days 3-5) after receipt of this email invitation.

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What are the ESB Aptitude Tests

The ESB aptitude tests are a set of online assessments designed to evaluate various cognitive abilities of candidates applying for roles within the organisation. These tests are critical in the recruitment process, helping to ensure that individuals possess the necessary skills for the positions they are applying for. There are five online aptitude tests that are usually required to be completed:

Verbal Reasoning

This test assesses a candidate’s ability to understand, interpret, and analyse textual information. It measures how well an individual can process written information and use it to make logical conclusions or decisions. Candidates are typically presented with passages of text followed by statements or questions that they need to evaluate as true or false, based on the information provided.

Deductive Reasoning

The deductive reasoning test evaluates an individual’s ability to use logic and critical thinking to draw conclusions from given information. It involves applying general rules to specific instances to see if they apply. This test measures a candidate’s ability to think logically and apply reasoning skills to solve problems.

Mechanical Reasoning

This mechanical reasoning aptitude test  is designed to measure a candidate’s understanding and application of mechanical concepts and principles. It includes questions on levers, pulleys, gears, springs, and other mechanical concepts. It’s particularly relevant for roles that require technical and engineering knowledge, assessing how well an individual can apply physical principles to solve practical problems.


The Numeracy section of the ESB aptitude tests is designed to evaluate a candidate’s mathematical skills through a series of computations and problem-solving exercises. This test assesses an individual’s ability to correctly apply mathematical principles and techniques in solving equations and completing numerical sequences.

Spatial Reasoning

This Spatial Reasoning ESB aptitude test evaluates an individual’s ability to think about objects in three dimensions and to draw conclusions about those objects from limited information. It includes visualising shapes and patterns, understanding spatial relationships, and manipulating shapes mentally. It’s crucial for roles that involve planning, design, engineering, and technical tasks, where visualising how different parts fit together is essential.

How well you perform is very important 

The online ESB aptitude tests are very time intensive. Those that perform the highest in the aptitude tests are those that are given the chance to be called through to the next stage of the ESB Apprenticeship selection process, the interview stage. Therefore how well you perform at the aptitude tests is important in giving yourself the best chance of progressing.

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Apprenticeship Aptitude Test Preparation Course

The path to securing a spot in the ESB Apprenticeship program is highly competitive, with the aptitude tests serving as a critical filter in the selection process.  Given the time-sensitive and challenging nature of the ESB aptitude tests, preparation becomes not just beneficial but essential. Our course is meticulously designed by experts familiar with the intricacies of the ESB aptitude tests. Each module targets specific areas of the test, ensuring comprehensive coverage of verbal reasoning, deductive reasoning, mechanical reasoning, numeracy, and spatial reasoning. With our material, you’re not just preparing; you’re mastering the tests.

We are Ireland’s No. 1 preparation provider for the ESB aptitude tests!

Preparation Courses

I can honestly say doing the apprenticeship preparation course helped me to secure my ESB apprenticeship. I did not know what to expect from the aptitude tests or the interview. I learned so much and left feeling confident about my aptitude tests and the interview. I used what I learned at the course and was successful. I cannot thank Career Services enough for helping me to succeed with my apprenticeship .

Liam, Co. Cork

I am so happy that I used the Career Services preparation pack to help me in getting my ESB apprenticeship. Before I did the course I was unsure about how to complete the application form, CV and cover letter. It also helped me with the aptitude tests, It gave me great confidence and I found the course very helpful, easy to understand and would be very happy to recommend the course to anybody looking to prepare for an apprenticeship.

Sadhbh, Co. Galway

Provided me with vital information regarding joining the ESB. Very satisfied and given in great detail.

Simon, Co. Cork

I found the course to be a huge help to me sitting the aptitude tests and interview. It obviously did the trick as I was successful and started my Electrical Apprenticeship with the ESB in September. I absolutely love it and am so grateful to Career Services for their help and guidance.

Geoff, Co. Kildare

I found the Career Services preparations course to be a huge help when applying for the ESB apprenticeship. They were able to give me great experience of the aptitude test prior to sitting it. The staff are very friendly and really accommodating. I would highly recommend Career Services to anyone who is thinking of applying for the ESB.

Billy, Co. Cork

I found the course excellent and very informative particularly for the aptitude tests. The course was very beneficial, and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering applying for an ESB apprenticeship

Luke , Co. Roscommon
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Please note: Applying for a Career Services preparation course is not applying for an apprenticeship. Career Services is a private education company that helps people to prepare for entrance exams and interviews and bears no association or influence with the organisations mentioned on this website. Our courses are not mandatory, they are optional, but very popular each year.