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Our online course offers exceptional value and prepares you for Clerical Officer recruitment across various sectors, ensuring you’re ready for any competition that arises. Whether you’re facing aptitude tests, assessment questionnaires or gearing up for your interview, our tailored content ensures you’re fully prepared.

  • Incredible Value for Comprehensive Training: Prepare for multiple recruitment competitions with one investment
  • 12 Months Unlimited Access: Learn at your pace with full access for a year
  • 30+ Hours of Detailed Content: Covering everything from Assessment Questionnaires, Aptitude Tests to Competency-Based Interviews
  • Self-Directed Learning: Flexibility to study whenever and wherever suits you best. Access your course anywhere, anytime.
  • Developed by Experts: Crafted by professionals with over 35 years of experience in recruitment preparation.
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Prepare for Success in the Recruitment Process

Our Clerical Officer Online Course is meticulously designed to prepare candidates for the selection stages of various Clerical Officer recruitment competitions, including the Civil Service, HSE, County Councils, and more. With our course, you will gain the knowledge and practice needed to excel at securing both permanent and temporary Clerical Officer positions.

This course does not just help you prepare for one single recruitment campaign. Instead you can use it to prepare for the numerous clerical officer recruitment campaigns that take place nationally and regionally throughout the year. Our curriculum covers Assessment Questionnaires, Aptitude Tests and Competency-Based Interviews.

  • Learn and Practice: Get hands-on with 1000+ practice questions.
  • Instant Access: Start improving your skills immediately after enrollment.
  • Flexible and Self-Paced: Fit your preparation into your busy schedule effortlessly.
  • Unmatched Preparation: Benefit from simulations and exercises that mirror real recruitment tests.

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“I used your website to prepare my latest test for a grade IV Clerical Officer position a few months ago and got the highest mark, while I had the minimum score at my previous test!! I found your website extremely useful especially to practice for the tests. I used the timed tests for a few days prior to the official test and was able to answer questions very quickly and accurately on the day. I would also like to add that the customer service is outstanding!”

Cathy Mc Cullagh

“Thanks for your help with the aptitude exam. It really gave me a great guide to what came up in the exam. As a result I got a position in Cork. Thanks so much.”

Karen, Clerical Officer Candidate

“My experience with Career Services was an excellent one. Very helpful in their tips and clear information of the exam. I felt more confident in my ability. “

Marion, Clerical Officer Candidate

“The course really narrowed down the types of questions that appear in the exam. I would have spent weeks going through aptitude test books to help me prepare. The course was really well presented and communicated.”

Tim, Clerical Officer Candidate

“I found the course extremely helpful and of huge benefit to me. I have gained a lot more knowledge. I feel more confident leaving today and for the next stages of the clerical officer competition”

Jane, Co. Cavan

“I learned a lot from doing it. I felt the maths was the most difficult, but the exercise questions and answers were a great help. I would recommend this course to my family and friends”

Aisling Wilson, Co. Cavan

“Excellent! The course presenter was excellent, very articulate and a good communicator. The course was very specific and focused and fulfilled my expectations”

Caroline, Co. Kilkenny

"Helped me a lot to pass the online tests. Didn’t know anything about the test before the course so I would recommend it to anyone. Practical preparation is offered which is hard to come by for this test.“

Emma, Clerical Officer Candidate

“Very beneficial, the course content was explained in detail. The tutor was efficient going through each module in great detail. Excellent course”

Christina Foster, Co. Meath

“Very good! Loads of information, very helpful and easy to follow with lots of tips to help with preparation”

Barbara Fortune

“The course is very helpful. Without doing it people will struggle to understand the material that they will be asked in the exam”

Ryan, Co. Wexford

“Very good! Trainer was very good and helpful. I would not like to be trying the aptitude tests without this training”

Louise, Clerical Officer Candidate
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Course Content

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Assessment Questionnaire & Situational Judgement Tests

This module helps you understand:

Situational Judgment Test Exercises are also included which will help you to prepare for the assessment.

Psychometric Tests

Competency-Based Interview


  • Why competency based interviews are used
  • How the process works
  • The activities of the interview board and candidate
  • Reference Materials
  • Question Categories


  • Application Form
  • How to identify the competencies for your interview
  • Performance / behavioural indicators Generating ideas for your examples
  • STAR Method Assessing your examples
  • Preparing Competency Examples
  • Condensing your information & reviewing


  • The importance of verbal practice
  • What to expect on the day
  • Tips

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