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Incredible Value 

This is incredible value for a course that can be used for various competitions that may arise.

  • 12 Months Unlimited Access
  • 30+ hrs duration
  • Self directed & self paced
  • Exceptional preparation
  • Developed by Experts
  • Online Course
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Clerical Officer Online Course

Our Clerical Officer online course is a one of a kind comprehensive course aimed at helping candidates prepare for the selection stages of various Clerical Officer recruitment competitions. 

Our online course is excellent preparation for a variety of Clerical Officer recruitment competitions including those run by the Civil Service, HSE, County Councils and many other Clerical Officer competitions. The selection stages and assessments used can vary between areas and type of position (permanent / temporary). The selection stages of these recruitment campaigns can include Assessment Questionnaires, Aptitude Tests and Competency-Based Interviews, all of which are covered in our expertly designed online course!

"I used your website to prepare for a grade IV Clerical Officer position a few months ago and got the highest mark, while I had the minimum score at my previous test!! I found your website extremely useful especially to practice for the tests. I used the timed tests for a few days prior to the official test and was able to answer questions very quickly and accurately on the day. I would also like to add that the customer service is outstanding!"

- Cathy Mc Cullagh, Clerical Officer Candidate

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Course Details:

In our expertly designed one of a kind course you will have the opportunity to learn about and practice the types of tests which are used in the recruitment of clerical officers in Ireland.

Whilst generally focused on the national recruitment campaigns carried out by the Civil Service our course is and has been excellent preparation for various other clerical competitions including ones with the HSE and City & County Council competitions, as well as others.

This course does not just help you prepare for one single recruitment campaign. Instead you can use it to prepare for the numerous clerical officer recruitment campaigns that take place nationally and regionally throughout the year.

Course Benefits 

– Gain confidence

– Practice at your own pace around your own time

– Fantastic value

– Created by industry experts with over 35+ years of experience

– 1000+ practice questions

– Instant and Unlimited Access for 12 months

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Course Content

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Assessment Questionnaire & Situational Judgement Tests

This module helps you understand:

Situational Judgment Test Exercises are also included which will help you to prepare for the assessment.

Psychometric Tests

Competency-Based Interview


  • Why competency based interviews are used
  • How the process works
  • The activities of the interview board and candidate
  • Reference Materials
  • Question Categories


  • Application Form
  • How to identify the competencies for your interview
  • Performance / behavioural indicators Generating ideas for your examples
  • STAR Method Assessing your examples
  • Preparing Competency Examples
  • Condensing your information & reviewing


  • The importance of verbal practice
  • What to expect on the day
  • Tips

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