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Paramedic Recruitment Campaign

 Applicants will need a provisional Class C1 Driving Licence to proceed in the competition and must obtain their full C1 licence within 6 months of commencing the programme. All campaign information including eligibility requirements and the application process could be found on the HSE website.

The HSE periodically run recruitment campaigns to create a national panel for Student Paramedics.

Applicants need a provisional Class C1 Driving Licence to proceed in the competition and must obtain their full C1 licence within 6 months of commencing the programme. When a competition launches, all campaign information including eligibility requirements and the application process can be found on the HSE website.

The deadline for the most recent campaign was 4th July 2023

The Stages Of Recruitment

Stage 1

Application Form on HSE Website

Stage 2

Verbal Evaluation and Analytical Reasoning Testing

Stage 3

Eligibility Sift in line with course entry requirements and necessary licensing documentation

Stage 4

Structured Interview


Preparation for the aptitude tests and interview

Career Services – The Entrance Exam Experts run renowned preparation courses to help candidates who are serious about passing the selection process. Our preparation courses have helped hundreds of candidates to successfully join the HSE as Student Paramedics. Our one of a kind online paramedic aptitude test preparation course is now available to book.

This course includes tuition on the aptitude tests and the interview (Stage 2 & 4):

 Find out more about this course here:

Online Course

Paramedics Information

What is a Paramedic?

Paramedics respond to emergency calls, perform certain medical procedures and transport patients to a hospital in accordance with protocols and guidelines established by physician medical directors.

The biggest difference between EMTs and Paramedics is in terms of their training and their scope of practice. Put simply, paramedics undergo a longer period of training than EMTs and are therefore qualified to do a lot more.

How to Apply?

The HSE periodically run recruitment campaigns that allow members of the public to apply for the position of Student Paramedics within the HSE. The recruitment process comprises of an online application form, aptitude tests and structured interviews. The recruitment campaigns are open to individuals who hold a C1 driving license and have passed the Leaving Certificate including Maths and a Science subject. The full list of requirements and the application form will be made available once a new recruitment campaign open on

Candidates that are successful in the recruitment competition are placed on a panel and the HSE uses this panel to recruit new student paramedics as the positions become available. When the panel becomes exhausted, then the HSE run another recruitment competition.

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Depending on the outcome of the selection process (aptitude tests, eligibility sift and interview) you may be placed on a panel in order of merit, from which specified purpose training places on the Paramedic Training Programme will be filled. Student Paramedics in the HSE National Ambulance Services undertake training on the Paramedic Training Programme: The Paramedic Training Programme is delivered by the National Ambulance Service College (NASC) in partnership with the College of Medicine & Health, University College Cork. Successful completion of the Paramedic Training Programme will lead to the award of Diploma in Paramedical Science.  

For further information on the Course Structure – please visit

Training places on the Paramedic Training Programme at either of the NASC facilities in either Ballinasloe or Dublin, will be filled from the panel formed through this campaign and will be offered on an order of merit basis.

The course duration is 2 years full time, inclusive of annual leave. The course has both theoretical and practical components and a number of clinical placements. Students may be allocated hospital and operational placements at varying locations throughout the National Ambulance Service Area.

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Why choose Career Services?

What is it worth knowing that you are giving yourself the best opportunity to succeed in the assessments? Our experience has shown us that the most serious applicants do not believe in taking shortcuts. Neither do we. We focus on providing high quality preparation and have done so for over 30 years. As a result, our courses are the best in the market.



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Paramedic Online Preparation Course

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