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Civil Service Tests

Career Services-The Entrance Exam Experts provide Ireland’s No. 1 preparation courses for civil service tests and interviews

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The Civil Service

The Civil Service serves the State and the people of Ireland by carrying out the work of Government and delivering public services efficiently and effectively.

The civil service has three main functions: It advises the Government on policy, it helps prepare and draft new legislation and it helps the Government to run the country according to the legislation passed by the Oireachtas.

careerservices - Selection Tests

Civil Service Aptitude Tests & Interviews

The Civil Service uses a variety of assessments and interviews aptitude tests when recruiting for Clerical Officers, Executive Officers and Administrative Officers. Eligible candidates who apply are entered into the selection process and will need to complete a number of stages. 

The first of these stages usually comprise of an online questionnaire and aptitude tests. These aptitude tests can include; numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning etc. Later stages will usually require an interview. Our courses help you prepare for both the aptitude tests and interview stages.

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Importance of Preparation

You must be successful at each stage in order to progress to the next. Successful candidates are then placed onto a panel.

The placing of candidates on a panel is usually dictated by their aptitude test scores. So, the speed at which candidates navigate through the recruitment process depends on their performance in their aptitude tests, the number of applicants and availability of new positions in their chosen geographical area. Preparing for the recruitment competition is thus very important.

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Benefits of Working in the Civil Service

–  Job security, typically once a candidate is hired they tend to stay within the Public Sector
– Permanent and pensionable career
– Opportunities for promotion and advancement
– Further Education Opportunities
– Challenging and rewarding work in a team environment
– Responsibilities of working in a Government Department
– Pay scale

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Civil Service Recruitment Process

The Public Appointments Service provides recruitment, assessment and selection services for the civil service. They also provide recruitment and consultancy services to local authorities, the Health Service Executive , An Garda Síochána and other public bodies. Applications for positions in the Civil Service are made through the Public Appointments Service website when a competition is launched. The Public Appointments Service processes applicants. After applying candidates are advised of the next stages of the selection process.

How does the Civil Service advertise for positions?​

The PAS (Public Appointments Service) is the centralised recruiter for the Civil Service. They run competitions to establish panels of suitably qualified individuals from which various vacancies may be filled. They have advertised in various places including the main recruitment pages of the national newspapers as well as on social media and their own website

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