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Career Services – The Entrance Exam Experts (est. 1987) is an education company that provides Ireland's No. 1 preparation course for the entrance exam taken by mature student nursing / midwifery applicants. Each year we successfully prepare hundreds of candidates and we are once again presenting our highly acclaimed preparation course for The Assessment Test for mature nursing & midwifery applicants in 2018.

I'm thinking about applying for mature student nursing/midwifery

So, you have decided or are thinking about the brave decision of going back to college to study for a nursing/midwifery degree as a mature student. That’s fantastic! 

Becoming a nurse is an exceptional career decision, it provides individuals with a great deal of personal fulfilment. In addition, nurses understand that they are making a difference in the lives of the people they care for on a daily basis.  Hence, it is a very popular career path for mature students. 

However, this popularity also means that each year the number of mature applicants is significantly higher than the number of places available and subsequently the selection process for mature students for nursing/midwifery degree courses in Ireland is highly competitive. 

The purpose of this page is to give you the knowledge that you require to help you achieve your goal.

Am I a mature applicant?

If you are aged 23 years or over, you are classified as a mature applicant. Mature applicants can successfully apply for nursing/midwifery degree courses if they pass The Assessment Test. These candidates are judged on the results of The Assessment Test instead of their Leaving Certificate Exam (or equivalent) results. 


What is The Assessment Test? 

The Assessment Test is a written assessment conducted by the Public Appointments Service (PAS) on behalf of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). You must be successful in The Assessment Test before being offered a place on your chosen nursing degree course.  

The assessments has three test sections: Numerical, Verbal and Job Simulation Exercises

Our service is designed to give you the best opportunity to pass The Assessment Test and to gain entry into your desired nursing/midwifery degree course


Excited about pursuing nursing but worried about the Assessment Test? 

You are not alone!

The majority of candidates worry about these tests. It’s common to hear concerns like “I am not very good at maths”, “I am not a fast reader”, “I find numbers difficult”, “I have been out of school for a long time”, “I panic in exams” - Sound familiar? 

The Career Services Preparation Course relieves these fears and boosts our students confidence. Want to see what they say after they attend our course? Check out the most recent feedback from our 2017 attendees here


The Career Services Preparation Course

At Career Services, we have designed a preparation course specifically designed towards preparing you to the best of your ability for the mature student nursing/midwifery assessment test. 

The course follows a blended learning approach. This means that you will benefit from extensive tutoring during the classroom course, and you will be able to continue practicing your skills on our online e-learning platform during the weeks before the test.

The course has had unprecedented success and has helped thousands of applicants achieve their dream of being accepted into their chosen nursing degree course. 


3 Important Steps

These are the three main steps in applying for a nursing/midwifery degree course as a mature applicant:

1. Apply to the CAO

Like all candidates wishing to apply for a 3rd level nursing or midwifery degree course in Ireland you will have to apply for your course through the CAO before the 1st of February. As a mature student, you can apply for a nursing degree course with the CAO using a ‘mature course code’ during your CAO application.


2. Register with PAS (Public Appointments Service)

Upon successfully applying for your 3rd level nursing course through the CAO website you will be eligible to sit The Assessment Test for mature code applicants which take usually takes place is April of each year.  In order to sit the test you must also register to do sit the test with the Public Appointments Service. This is a very important step. It is only possible to register between the dates that are selected by PAS. The 2018 dates are between 2 February –22 February 2018.


3. The Assessment Test and Preparation

This written assessment is conducted by the Public Appointments Service (PAS) on behalf of the Nursing Career Centre (NCC). You must be successful in The Assessment Test before being considered for on an offer for your chosen nursing degree course. The official assessments will take place in early 2018 however the dates are not yet confirmed. 

Here are Career Services we provide the number one preparation course for The Assessment Test. Our course has had unprecedented success and has helped thousands of applicants achieve their dream of being accepted into their chosen nursing degree course. When you hear your colleagues referring to a preparation course for this exam, it is the Career Services preparation course that your colleagues are talking about! Don't just take our word for it, see what mature students just like you had to say about our course here: Testimonials 


Getting Started 

We realise that this application process can be very daunting, so we have designed this website to help answer any questions that you might have. You can commence by clicking on the links on the left menu. We think that the ‘Getting Started’ link is always a good place to begin.

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"We are certain that you will be happy with your decision to do our preparation course. In a survey of 1143 customers, 99.8% would recommend us to a friend.” – Patrick Nealon, Course Director


And here are some of the reasons why...

•Established 1987

•Course venues nationwide to suit you including: Athlone, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Sligo and Waterford

•Comprehensive study of each section in a simple and easy to understand approach – other course providers just scratch the surface

•Tons of take-home practice material and online practice material – including practice tests for the maths and verbal sections

•Very friendly tutors who are experts in the assessments 

•Excellent customer service

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