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Mature Nursing Online Course

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Online Course

Work around your own schedule with our expertly created mature nursing aptitude test online course. You will be guided on the very best methods to prepare for the Mature Nursing Aptitude test through our series of in-depth video lessons and practice tests. In our video lessons, our expert tutor will guide you through each of the three assessment sections where you will learn the key methods and techniques to build your skills in verbal reasoning, numeracy, numerical reasoning and job simulation exercises. You can then proceed to work through a large library of practice questions which will provide you with ample opportunity to continue building your skills and confidence in each style of aptitude test.

FAQ Live Session

This course will include a live FAQ session in March / April with our expert tutor. We will be in touch with details of this live FAQ session closer to the time. A full recording of the session will also be made available after for those who cannot attend.

Flexibility & Convenience

Our online course offers flexibility and convenience.  Our expertly designed preparation course is focused on the key topics and skills required for the NMBI assessments. Our expert tutor, a leader in the field, ensures the tuition is engaging, comprehensive, and tailored to meet the needs of mature applicants.

"I was applying as a mature student to do nursing and I didn't know what to expect. Career Services helped me to gain not only a high grade in the assessment but also to get my number 1 choice in first round offers for mature students. It has been the best investment towards my career so far. I would highly recommend this course to any future mature student heading into nursing. Thank you for helping me reach my goal and get my number one offer. Forever grateful for the start of my career in Mental Health Nursing"

Alana Lafferty, Donegal

"Just want to say that thanks to the Career Services course I have been offered my first choice of midwifery. I have no doubt that if I had not invested in the course I would not be starting in September. Numerical would not be my strong point but the instructor made it easy to understand so I had no issues flying through the questions in the exam. If you have any doubts about the assessment at all I would absolutely recommend taking this course."

Sharon McMahon, Cork

"I just wanted to send an email to thank all the team at Career Services! I completed the course for the nursing assessment and successfully passed the exam. I was offered my first choice of Midwifery in Trinity College and will be starting in September! I cant explain how happy I am and I want to thank you all because I would not have been able to complete the exam without this course. The information and support given was more than helpful! I have and will be recommending Career Services to everyone! Thank you again for all your help."

Niamh Glacken, Dublin

"To say that I am impressed with your NMBI preparation courses is an understatement. I don’t know how to describe my joy and emotions. This is my first time of trying this assessment test and it is also the last time because I met the qualifying standard and I was also offered my first choice. I had zero confidence and zero knowledge of the Mature Nursing assessment tests. Taking the course with you gave me the knowledge, the speed and the confidence. I am forever grateful that I did this course with you and I will highly recommend this course to anyone who wants secure a place in nursing as a mature student."

Oge Onyia, Dublin

"I had heard about Career Services through a friend. I had a look at the website and booked in for a session. Maths was not my strongest subject, never had been, so I knew I needed the additional support...The online resources where amazing to practice...and gave me insight to what I should expect...I honestly can’t thank them enough, I was successful in so far as I’ve passed the assessment...If you’re seriously thinking of applying for nursing this is the way to go. Every section of the exam was covered in the learning materials. I can’t thank Career Services enough, and I will be recommending them to anyone."

Karina Whelan, Dublin

“Got my results – I got 202! Absolutely delighted with the results and really feel that I wouldn’t have achieved them without your course. I got into the program I wanted (Midwifery at TCD) despite the massive increase in points this year. Thank you so much!!! You provided an excellent program even with all the last minute changes to the test!”

Wendy Walton, Dublin

“I’ve just been offered my first choice general nursing. I want to thank the Career Service’s team for the fantastic webinar course I did, and for all the materials provided on the E- learning platform…I’ve been out of education for decades and I had lost all confidence in my academic abilities especially maths. I’m absolutely sure if I had not done the Career service prep course I definitely would not have met the qualifying grade let alone had got an offer. Just for all you mature students thinking about applying I recommend you do the Career Service course...It’s never too late. I’m 52 years old and this has been a life time dream.”

Jacqui Burke, Co. Kerry

“Highly recommended for Non-English speakers. English is my second language and I did not have a single trouble to understand the teachers nor the exercises. I would like to express my deep thanks and appreciation for all the efforts that you have exerted in preparing and presenting the practice program for the Nursing assessment...I got my top choice, General Nursing.”

Maria Recio, Co.Kerry

"As a mature student going forward to sit the aptitude test, Career Services went over and above for all their students. The online tutorials were amazing and the support was just fantastic. The online portal was extremely useful as students were able to practice mock tests as much as they wanted to so that they felt comfortable when it came to the real thing...I highly recommend them to students going forward! You won’t regret it.”

Rebecca Burke, Co. Kildare

"Delighted I passed the exam. My highest mark was in maths which I have struggled with all my life so I was really nervous with the exam. Would highly recommend the Career Services day to anyone thinking of doing nursing and midwifery. Thank you so much again for your support and endless amount of help and support.”

Nikita Murray, Dublin

“I was successful in the Assessment, I feel absolutely thrilled. I thank you for the assistance of Careers Services! Highly would recommend to a friend...I must make ye aware that their service is top class! I was never interested in school. But with the help of careers service I’m successful in a stepping stone to my dream career of nursing. And I can’t thank ye enough!”

Aileish Hardiman, Co. Galway

Course Content


Verbal Reasoning

Numeracy & Numerical Reasoning

Job Simulation Exercises

FAQ Live Session

This course will include a live FAQ session in March / April. We will be in touch with details of this live FAQ session closer to the time. A full recording of the session will also be made available after for those who cannot attend.

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Online Preparation course for mature student nursing applicants is one of the best investments you will make in your future.

Completing your nursing/midwifery degree will be a life changing event, but to get there, you must first pass this challenging assessment.

Our preparation course will give you the best chance at succeeding.

Access Duration: Courses are exam year specific, therefore the duration of access to online materials will be available up until after the official Mature Nursing assessment of each respective exam year.

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