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Welcome to our HPAT®-Ireland preparation section. Career Services – The Entrance Exam Experts (est. 1987) are Ireland's leading provider of HPAT® exam preparation courses for the medicine entry exam. We have over 30 years of assessment industry experience and have successfully helped thousands achieve their desired university course or career. We are committed to helping you on your path to becoming a doctor. Our highly acclaimed medicine entrance courses for the 2019 HPAT® exam are now available to book.

The Ultimate 2019 HPAT Course

Our HPAT® preparation courses are highly focused and comprehensive courses that give you a full tuition on the different sections of the 2019 HPAT®-Ireland exam and help you maximise your performance. Our courses are held nationwide and delivered by highly experienced professional tutors that are qualified to the highest relevant standards in psychometric testing.  Remember this exam requires no medical knowledge. It is an aptitude test, not a medical exam.

A Blended Learning Experience

Our HPAT®-Ireland Exam Complete Package is a blended learning experience that includes without doubt Ireland's best HPAT® preparation course:

2 Days Preparation

Full preparation day course + full supervised mock exam with expert tutors

Home Study Pack

Paper-based & Digital format 40+ hours of study material

Online Resource

Online Tutorials on our eLearning platform

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HPAT®-Ireland Exam Complete Package

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So, you're thinking about Studying Medicine in University?

First of all, well done on your decision to pursue medicine. This is a challenging and rewarding university course choice. As you may know, entry into university courses in Ireland (including Medicine) is officiated by the Central Applications Office (CAO). Each year, depending on the number of candidates applying for medicine, the CAO decide how many points are required to gain entry into the medicine degree courses. 

It's competitive 

Students wishing to pursue an undergraduate medicine course must compete against each other for a limited number of university places by achieving points in both the Leaving Certificate Examination and the HPAT®-Ireland exam

Preparation is a must

The Leaving Certificate will take up the vast majority of your time and that is how it should be. However, the HPAT®-Ireland exam is a notoriously difficult exam. If you are serious about studying medicine you will need to have a realistic study and preparation plan to ensure you achieve your maximum score. This is exactly what the Career Services preparation course provides you with.

HPAT-Ireland Information

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General HPAT®-Ireland Information

The HPAT®-Ireland exam is the medicine admissions/entry test selected by the Irish Medical Schools for prospective medical students and is administered by the Australian Council for Educational Research Limited (ACER).

The HPAT®-Ireland exam measures a candidate’s logical reasoning and problem-solving skills, non-verbal reasoning, and the ability to understand the thoughts, behaviour and/or intentions of people. It does not test academic knowledge and candidates do not require special understanding of any academic discipline.

HPAT®-Ireland is a registered trademark of the ACER. CS Career Services Ltd. is not in any way affiliated with nor endorsed by ACER.

Find out more about how to register for the exam, the exam structure etc. by clicking here:

About the HPAT® Ireland Exam
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How do I get a good score in the HPAT®-Ireland exam?

We have outlined a general Study Plan Guide for you to develop your own personalised HPAT® Exam Study Plan. This study arrangement has been successful in aiding thousands of Leaving Certificate students to achieve their desired HPAT®-Ireland score, and was the study plan used by the highest ever achieving HPAT®-Ireland Exam candidate who scored 243/300. 

Study Plan Guide

1. Visit and research thoroughly the official HPAT®-Ireland exam website run by ACER:  here

2. Read the “Selection Criteria for Undergraduate Entry to Medicine”. It can be found by searching for “Undergraduate Entry to Medicine” in Google. 

3. 1-Day Preparation Course in your chosen location – (HPAT®-Ireland Exam Complete Package customers only*)

4. Career Services Section 1, 2, 3 e-Learning platform Tuition modules. (see our complete package preparation course here)

5. Career Services Section 1, 2, 3 Online Practice Questions. Please note that it is not necessary to have these completed before attending the preparation course. 

6. ACER Practice Test 1 You will receive this with worked out solutions when you officially register to sit the HPAT®-Ireland exam.

7. ACER Practice Test 2  This is copyrighted by ACER and as a result can only be purchased from the official HPAT®-Ireland Exam website. We have provided fully worked out solutions to this practice test in Solutions Modules in our e-Learning platform.

8. Supervised Mock Exam – (HPAT®-Ireland Exam Complete Package customers only*) If you are unable to attend please contact us and the Mock Exam can be posted out to you instead. Fully worked solutions will be given to you at the end of this test. You should study these in the weeks before the official exam.

9. The official date for the HPAT®-Ireland exam usually takes place on the last Saturday in February each year.

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A students account of the HPAT®- Exam

The following account is written by a Leaving Certificate student who was successful in her HPAT® exam and her application for medicine.


Registering for HPAT®-Ireland exam

I’ve wanted to do Medicine in University for as long as I can remember. As I went through secondary school, the reality of how difficult it was to get into a Medicine course hit me. Having to get nearly 600 points in the Leaving Cert. was daunting, a nearly impossible task for me. I began to doubt whether I would ever be able to get into Medicine and started to think there was no point in even trying.

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