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Garda Stage 2 : What is it?

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Candidates that are successful in Stage 1 of the Garda recruitment campaign progress to Stage 2.  Initially candidates place up to and including 550 (from their stage 1 results) are being invited to Stage 2. This batch of candidates will be completing their Stage 2 tests between the 31st July and the 4th of August. After these are finished, batches of candidates ranked above 550 will be invited to stage 2 over the coming weeks and months.


Stage 2 of the Garda Recruitment is held in an assessment centre in the Public Appointment Service headquarters under strict exam conditions. At this stage of the recruitment, the pool of candidates is a lot smaller and thus the competition even greater. 


This stage includes the following assessments:

  • Re-test of the Logical and Verbal Reasoning tests undertaken in the first stage  
  • Job Simulation Exercises
  • Report Writing

Watch our Stage 2 Overview Video 

The following video contains all the essential information you need to know about Stage 2. If you were successful in Stage 1, then this video is a 'must watch'. 


Pass your Stage 2 Assessments

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To help you succeed at Stage 2 we offer 2 options for preparation: 
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