Garda Stage 2 Online Course

Please note: Our Stage 2 online course is only suitable for applicants of the 2022 Garda campaign and access will only be for the duration of the 2022 Garda Stage 2 assessments. 

Stage 2 is even more competitive 

At this stage of the Garda recruitment campaign, the pool of candidates is a lot smaller and thus the competition even greater. Candidates that are successful in Stage 1 of the Garda recruitment campaign progress to Stage 2. Initially candidates will be called by order of merit to progress to Stage 2 followed by further batches as required. 





Report Writing Exercise 

In this assessment you are presented with a video of a several characters giving their account of an incident they have witnessed. After you have viewed the video, you will be given exactly 30 minutes to complete a report summarising the incident. This provides a measure of your ability to produce a concise and accurate description of what you have seen and heard. There are marks awarded under a number of areas.


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