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Report Writing

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Garda Report Writing Online Course

Your official Stage 2 Report Writing Test will be taken online, so it only makes sense that you should practice in an online environment. Our Garda Stage 2 online preparation course is an all-in-one course which covers all the elements of the Garda Report Writing stage.

In fact, it is the only Garda Stage 2 online course of its kind in the country. With this course, you can work around your own schedule and prepare from the comfort of your own home. Our course provides you with a winning formula, follow it and you will have everything you need to successfully pass Stage 2.



Course Outline

This course has been carefully designed and created by industry experts to ensure you get the best learning experience and the best tuition for your Stage 2 Garda Report Writing Exercise. Our teaching methods are tried and tested and the thousands of serving Gardaí and Garda Trainees in Templemore that have taken our courses over the past 30 years are proof of that.

The approach used in this course will take any uncertainty out of Report writing and has a tremendous success rate among previous Career Services candidates. The exercises are made as realistic as possible and contain ambient background noises (such as traffic, sirens, conversation) to make it a realistic exam experience.

IMPORTANT: Online Access

Disclaimer: Courses are campaign specific therefore access to online resources will only be available for the duration of the campaign associated with the course. Unlimited access for 6 months or until a new campaign is launched (whichever comes first).

Learn about the different aspects of Report Writing in the context of Garda Stage 2.

You will be guided through your first report. You will be shown some strategies for note taking and an opportunity to attempt your first report.


Succeed at the Report Writing Exercise

Our Garda Stage 2 preparation course will give you everything you need to fully prepare for the Garda Report Writing Exercise.

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