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Crafted by experts with an unparalleled success record in Garda recruitment, our course is your blueprint to excelling in the Garda interview.

  • Instant Access: Dive into your preparation without delay.
  • Tailored by Experts: Our course is meticulously crafted by experts with unrivaled experience in Garda Interview preparation.
  • Key Competency Navigation: Navigate through the intricacies of competency-based Garda interviews with our expertly designed modules.
  • Targeted Preparation From demystifying interview processes to refining your presentation of key Garda competencies, our course covers every angle.

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Online Garda Interview Course

The Garda Interview consists of a competency based interview. This is a highly structured interview where candidates are informed in advance of a number of key competencies. The competencies which are predefined by the interview board are key skills deemed necessary to serve effectively as a member of An Garda Síochána. During the interview candidates are asked to give examples of instances when they displayed each of the competencies effectively. Obviously, how well candidates prepare in advance will dictate how well they will perform in the interview.

Our online Garda interview course is designed and delivered by experts. Our comprehensive approach ensures you enter the interview room with confidence, backed by a deep understanding of what’s expected and how to deliver it.

Join the ranks of successful Garda candidates who started their journey with our course. Don’t just prepare for the Garda interview; master it. 

“I completed Career Services Preparation for the 2023 Garda Recruitment Campaign and placed No. 1 in the country in Order of Merit in both the Stage 1 aptitude tests and the Stage 2 Interview. I can say without doubt that the excellent material and preparation provided in the course helped me to perform as well as I did. I could not recommend their preparation services more highly. A big thank you to all at the Career Services team!”

Róisín, Co. Cork

“This course gave me great preparation for the interview and I passed it with flying colours, I am now waiting to be called for the fitness test, I would recommend this course to anyone with an interview coming up”

Jason, Co. Mayo

“Hi, I found the course very helpful and worthwhile, it was worth every penny. I passed my Interview with no issue. The course was great help to prepare for the interview, I felt so confident going in, I’m currently waiting on my intake date. Thanks for the help”

Aaron, Co. Roscommon

“Currently I’m on the last stage. Just the fitness and want to thank you guys this is my first time going for the guards. And if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have made it this far thank you for everything”

Daragh, Co. Dublin

“I did a Garda stage 1, 2 and 3 preparation course last year with ye, I started my training last week in Templemore and can honestly say I wouldn’t be there if not for the preparation courses, the best money I ever spent thanks again”

Eric, Co. Cork

I don’t know how I would have fared without the help of Career Services. They gave a clear direction and strategy for doing well in the various stages. The course instructors were brilliant and helped with feedback and advice long after the courses were over. The work put in on your own time is massively important but with the direction of Career Services, you know what to aim at and how to hit it every time. I couldn’t recommend the course and people involved more highly”

Gary, Co. Dublin
  • 8 video lessons
  • 3+ hrs of tutor video lessons
  • Detailed sample personal competencies
  • Preparation worksheets
  • Detailed step by step competency creation
  • Self-recorded video interview practice
  • No regrets – “I should have done the Career Services’ Garda Interview course”.
  • Reduce anxiety – we already have enough…thank you!
  • Learn from the best tutors in the country
  • Be fully familiar with the Garda interview
  • Gain confidence going into the interview
  • Maximise your performance in the interview
  • Get your Garda Trainee position

Course Content

During our  Online Garda Interview Preparation Course all aspects of the Garda Interview will be fully covered. More serving members have used our preparation services than any other course provider in the country.

Our expertise and experience in Garda interview preparation is second to none. Take your Garda interview with confidence with our one of a kind interview preparation course.


In this lesson, the tutor will provide an introduction to the course

Module 1: Understand

In this lesson, the tutor will help you to fully understand the interview process.

Module 2: Prepare

Tutor Lesson

Motivation to be a Garda Lesson

Competency Lessons 

Useful Resources

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Our courses provide a highly engaging step by step approach to the Garda interview

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Our course is developed by our expert tutors who have vast experience in preparing candidates for the competency-based interviews used in Garda Recruitment campaigns

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We have 35+ years of experience in Garda recruitment campaigns and have helped more candidates achieve success in the Garda recruitment process and interview than any other course provider in the country