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Fire-Fighter Recruitment Courses

We are a full-time team of  psychometric professionals  that have helped 1000′s of people to successfully pass the various stages of fire-fighter recruitment campaigns.  When it comes to recruitment competition preparation  - we are by far Ireland’s number 1! Nobody else can come close to our experience and successful track record. Our courses have the best course material, the best course tutors and importantly the best value price as well.

Selection Process

Firefighter recruitment competitions can take place in many cities and counties across the country.

The general selection process / stages of fire-fighter recruitment competitions are outlined below. However, the order of these can vary between competitions.

Stage 1

Review the Briefing Document in full & Complete Questionnaire

Candidates are usually provdied with a briefing document and a questionnaire to complete

Stage 2

Physical Fitness Test

Candidates are required to undergo a physical fitness test and are usually given a deadline by which this must be completed

Stage 3

Psychometric Tests

Generally only those successful at the physical fitness test by the specified date will be invited to undertake the Psychometric Tests

Stage 4

Formal Application and Shortlisting Interview

Stage 5

Work-Related Tests

Stage 6

Final Interview

Preparing for the Psychometric Tests

We are Ireland's No 1. preparation course providers for the selection tests used in Firefighter recruitment campaigns and have over 30 years of assessment industry experience.

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