2019 Campaign: 

Dublin City Council opened a competition for firefighters in September 2019. Applications were available on (closing date for applications  10th October 2019). Prepare for the aptitude test styles used in these campaigns with our renowned Firefighter Assessment Preparation Courses.

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Firefighter recruitment competitions are highly competitive. We are a full-time team of psychometric professionals that have helped 1000′s of people to successfully pass the various stages of Firefighter recruitment campaigns. When it comes to recruitment competition preparation we are by far Ireland’s number 1! Nobody else can come close to our experience and successful track record. Our classroom and online courses have the best course material, the best course tutors and importantly the best value price as well. 


Latest Dublin City Council Firefighter Competition
The latest competition took place in 2019. When a competition is launched, applications are taken on the Public Appointments Service website.
The closing date for applications was Thursday October 10th 2019. 

Online preparation course 

Our online preparation course is an exceptional preparation course which includes all of the Firefighter aptitude test styles that have been used in previous Dublin City Council Firefighter recruitment campaigns including the most recent 2019 campaign. 

Selection Process

Firefighter recruitment competitions can take place in many cities and counties across the country.

The general selection process / stages of firefighter recruitment competitions can vary between different city council competitions. Below outlines the general selection stages for the 2019 Dublin City Firefighter recruitment campaign based off the official Information Booklet released by the Public Appointments Service. Candidates should consult the official sources for a definitive and exhaustive list of the selection stages of each campaign. 

Application Form

Review the Information Booklet in full & Complete Online Application Form

Candidates generally apply online when applications open and are usually provided with a Information Booklet

Stage 1

Online Assessment Questionnaire

Candidates are required to undertake a and Online Assessment Questionnaire

Stage 2

Online Assessments

Top group of candidates from Stage 1 (based on mark achieved) will be invited to Stage 2 Online Assessments

Stage 3

Application Form

Number of candidates based on marks at Stage 2 will be invited to submit an application form to Dublin City Council

Stage 4

Competency Based Interview

Candidates will be questioned by an interview board to ensure they have the appropriate behavioural skills


Successful candidates will be placed on a panel and will be called upon as positions become available

Preparing for the Psychometric Tests

Fire-Fighter Recruitment Competitions are highly competitive. We are Ireland's No 1. preparation course providers for the selection tests used in Firefighter recruitment campaigns and have over 30 years of assessment industry experience.

Selection Process Entry Requirements

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