Firefighter Online Course


  • 12 Months Unlimited Access
  • 30+ hrs duration
  • Exceptional preparation
  • Firefighter Application Forms
  • Firefighter Interviews
  • Firefighter Psychometric Tests
  • Suitable for various Firefighter competitions including Dublin City & Cork City Fire Brigades
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Firefighter Preparation Course

Our Firefighter online course is a one of a kind comprehensive course.

Prepare for the selection stages of Firefighter recruitment competitions. Our renowned course includes the highest quality  preparation for the application form, interview and psychometric tests.

“I am so glad I undertook the Career Services Dublin Firefighter Preparation Course. It was a great investment in myself, and my future. I don’t feel I would have been as prepared if I didn’t have this preparation course to guide me through the stages of the Firefighter competition. Career Services offer a wide and varied course of materials and thorough tuition throughout. I found the instructors incredibly helpful- answering any questions I had throughout the stages and also the personalised videos of explanation. They went above and beyond. I am delighted I made the panel, and feel Career Services prepared me in the best way possible. I would highly recommend anyone going through the next competition to also invest in themselves, and do this course”

– Rachael (Dublin City FF competition)

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"Excellent preparation for the Firefighters. A lot of the tips and advice which was given are brilliant. Came in lost and left with a very good understanding of the Firefighter recruitment process and how to do well.“

Sarah (Cork City FF competition)

“Great tutors. Informative and original ideas on exam technique were presented by the tutors. Delighted with the service I received.”

Richie (Dublin City FF competition)

“I feel that I am in a much better position going into the Firefighter assessments and that I can achieve my dream of becoming a Fire-fighter.”

James (Dublin City FF competition)

“Brilliant service. I really felt that it helped both with my confidence and my capability in the Firefighter assessment and interview”

Cormac (Limerick City FF competition)

“Tutors were very helpful. They were engaging and thorough. They gave us plenty of written information”

David (Dublin City FF competition)

"A very clear, helpful course which I feel will be of great benefit in the Firefighter test”

Francis (Cork City FF competition)

This team of tutors taught me how to answer all sections more efficiently, particularly the video observation which before this course was like a guessing game to me. I was delighted to finish in the 94th percentile. I couldn’t have achieved this score without their help.”

Simon (Cork City FF competition)

Preparation for Firefighter:

Application Forms

Detailed and high quality preparation for the application form.


Expert preparation for the firefighter competency based interview.

Psychometric tests

Highest quality practice tests and preparation for the firefighter psychometric tests.

careerservices-Psychometric Tests

Course Outline

The outline of the course is as follows:

Introduction & Recruitment Process

Application Forms

Interview Preparation

Module 1: Understanding

  • Why competency based interviews are used
  • How the process works
  • The activities of the interview board and candidate
  • Reference Materials
  • Question Categories

Module 2: Preparing

  • Application Form
  • How to identify the competencies for your interview
  • Performance / behavioural indicators Generating ideas for your examples
  • STAR Method Assessing your examples
  • Preparing Competency Examples
  • Condensing your information & reviewing

Module 3: Performing

  • The importance of verbal practice
  • What to expect on the day
  • Tips

Psychometric Tests

  • Assessment Questionnaire
  • Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests
  • Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests
  • Technical Tests
  • Learning Information
  • Observation Tests
  • Video Lessons
  • Timed & Untimed tests
  • 100’s of Practice Questions