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Don't just take our word for it! See what students just like you had to say about our preparation services...

“Great tutors. Informative and original ideas on exam technique were presented by the tutors. Delighted with the service I received.”
– Richie (Dublin City FF competition)


“I feel that I am in a much better position going into the Fire-fighter assessments and that I can achieve my dream of becoming a Fire-fighter.”

– James (Dublin City FF competition)


“Tutors were very helpful. They were engaging and thorough. They gave us plenty of written information” 
– David (Dublin City FF competition)


“Brilliant service. I really felt that it helped both with my confidence and my capability in the Firefighter assessment and interview” 
– Cormac (Limerick City FF competition)


“I enjoyed the informal nature of the course. It was easy to learn as the lessons were explained clearly.”
– Pavel (Limerick City FF competition)


“A very clear, helpful course which I feel will be of great benefit in the Firefighter test”
– Francis (Cork City FF competition)


“I attended a preparation course in 2012. This team of tutors taught me how to answer all sections more efficiently, particularly the video observation which before this course was like a guessing game to me. I was delighted to finish in the 94th percentile. I couldn’t have achieved this score without their help.”
– Simon (Cork City FF competition)


“Excellent preparation for the Firefighters. A lot of the tips and advice which was given are brilliant. Came in lost and left with a very good understanding of the Firefighter recruitment process and how to do well.“  
– Sarah (Cork City FF competition)

Please note: We are not affiliated with the official recruiter and our courses are optional.