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Don't just take our word for it! See what students just like you had to say about our preparation services...

I am so glad I undertook the Career Services Dublin Firefighter Preparation Course. It was a great investment in myself, and my future. I don’t feel I would have been as prepared if I didn’t have this preparation course to guide me through the stages of the Firefighter competition. Career Services offer a wide and varied course of materials and thorough tuition throughout. I found the instructors incredibly helpful- answering any questions I had throughout the stages and also the personalised videos of explanation. They went above and beyond. I am delighted I made the panel, and feel Career Services prepared me in the best way possible. I would highly recommend anyone going through the next competition to also invest in themselves, and do this course.
– Rachael (Dublin City FF competition)


“Great tutors. Informative and original ideas on exam technique were presented by the tutors. Delighted with the service I received.”
– Richie (Dublin City FF competition)


“I feel that I am in a much better position going into the Fire-fighter assessments and that I can achieve my dream of becoming a Fire-fighter.”

– James (Dublin City FF competition)


“Tutors were very helpful. They were engaging and thorough. They gave us plenty of written information” 
– David (Dublin City FF competition)


“Brilliant service. I really felt that it helped both with my confidence and my capability in the Firefighter assessment and interview” 
– Cormac (Limerick City FF competition)


“I enjoyed the informal nature of the course. It was easy to learn as the lessons were explained clearly.”
– Pavel (Limerick City FF competition)


“A very clear, helpful course which I feel will be of great benefit in the Firefighter test”
– Francis (Cork City FF competition)


“I attended a preparation course in 2012. This team of tutors taught me how to answer all sections more efficiently, particularly the video observation which before this course was like a guessing game to me. I was delighted to finish in the 94th percentile. I couldn’t have achieved this score without their help.”
– Simon (Cork City FF competition)


“Excellent preparation for the Firefighters. A lot of the tips and advice which was given are brilliant. Came in lost and left with a very good understanding of the Firefighter recruitment process and how to do well.“  
– Sarah (Cork City FF competition)

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