At Career Services we pride ourselves on delivering top class courses and exceptional customer service to all our candidates. On our most recent survey 99.8% of our customers said they would reccommend a course (Based on a survey of 1143 customers).


Our goal is to ensure that we deliver the best and most professional preparation courses in the Irish market. Here is a small sample of what some of our customers had to say about us. 


"I used your course for the prison service and did fantastic through the process because of it, and I will be using it again for An Garda Siochana because that's a career I want to pursue now. I found career services extremely helpful, I can't recommend them enough, I recommend them to everyone who wants to excel in whatever job they are pursuing.  Top quality preparation."

~ Fran O'Kelly, Dublin (Prison Officer Candidate)

"Just wanted to send a brief note thanking you and all the team from career services. I've passed all stages and I'm waiting for a start date (hopefully September). I can easily say there's not a chance I would be here had I not done Stage 1, 2 in particular. In 2013 I bombed out first round!! The online site, which I used literally every day was an invaluable source for preparation. The interview course gave me great confidence going in to my own interview. Thank You, best money I've ever spent!"  

~Patrick Ryan, Co. Weford (An Garda Síochána)

I attended the Career Services Stage 1 and 2 preparation courses for the role of a Garda Trainee at the start of 2016. I am e-mailing to thank you so much for the help I received at the day course and for the practice tests, the guide I received to take home and also the online tests. Thankfully I came in the top 200 in both stage 1 and 2. Since then I have passed all the stages and I am starting my training in Templemore on the the 12th of September 2016. I would like to give a special word of thanks to Patrick Nealon who was the instructor I had for both stages. Patrick was brilliant, very easy to talk to and very very good at his job. Any queries I had in class or by e-mail were swiftly answered by Patrick. Even though the days were long, Patrick made it seem as if they were only a couple of hours. The classes were very enjoyable and interesting. Thanks again.

Sean Purcell, Co. Dublin(An Garda Síochána)

“I’m now based in Castlebar working away and I’m loving the job. Looking back on what I did with Careers Services I found all of it very helpful for the different stages. The initial aptitude tests were covered very comprehensively and some very valuable pointers were given by Career Services to help in getting the highest marks. The interview preparation was excellent and having gone through the process I can say that Career Services had all angles covered. I’d recommend Career Services to anyone seriously thinking of going through the recruitment process for the Gardai. A special mention for the tutors Eddie and Patrick who were always only a phone call away to offer any advice at any stage of the process. They offer a very personal service.”

~Garda Eoin O’Malley (An Garda Síochána)

“I can say with confidence that the classes I did at Career Services are the reason I got into the guards during the toughest recruitment campaign in the organisations history. Can’t recommend it enough.”

~ Garda Ian Hourigan (An Garda Síochána)

“I managed to pass all 3 of the stages, I used the assistance of Career Services for all of them and I can’t thank them enough. For anyone who is serious about applying for the Gardaí, I would definitely recommend partaking in these courses as the value for money is fantastic.” 

Garda Trainee Noel M (An Garda Siochana)

"Remember that it is a small price to pay for the professional help you receive. I have since talked to prospective candidates going forward for the test and interview who were not prepared. From talking to these candidates I was convinced I was far more prepared than they were, and that’s where it counts. I passed.”

~ Garda Trainee Aisling (An Garda Siochana )

"After all these years my dream finally came true. If I had not of taken that preparation course this would not have been possible for me. I used the time keeping skills and smart tips throughout the test which I otherwise would not have known, and this enabled me to achieve a strong pass result. It's not just a course, it's an enabler to dreams coming true and for that I thank you - One very happy future nurse!". 

~ Holly Buckle, Co. Kildare  (Mature Nursing Candidate)

"Dear Career Services :), The course day with Career Services which I attended in Limerick this year was genuinely the most informative course day I have been to. I wrote this on our feedback on the day aswell - but every single word to describe any aspect of information was so thoroughly explained, in a detail I've never experienced in school or college. Maths in particular was always an area I struggled with but had I of had the same teacher in school it would never have been a problem for me. I attended the mock exam Career Services held aswell and from doing so I felt like I at least knew the exact order the real exam would take and that in itself relieved more anxiety than whether I even knew the information or not. I thankfully passed the 3 stages of the exam but am still waiting to hear if I have got a place on a nursing degree course. I really don't think I would have passed had I not attended the course and sat the mock exam with Career Services. Thank you so much again and don't change a thing!!!"

~ Aisling O'Meara, Co. Laois (Mature Nursing Candidate)

“Both my friend and I attended the Careers Service course in Waterford this year. When I glanced through the material at the beginning I thought to myself 'there is no hope of me getting through this test' but as the instructor went through it all and broke down each section my confidence grew. I practiced with the take-home material every week especially the maths because I was never any good at maths in school. The test day came and because of the course I was never as confident in my life going into a test centre. When the results came out I placed in the top 20 in the country out of over 1200 people, I got the highest in the maths section! My advice to anybody thinking of doing the exam for nursing DO THE CAREER SERVICE COURSE! I couldn't recommend it enough and I would have never of passed without doing it”

~ Ciara Doyle, Co. Wexford (Mature Nursing Candidate)

"Booking the Career Services day was probably the best decision I made prior to attempting the mature student exam and without a doubt it helped me pass all three exams. I would not have any idea about the exam layout, questions or timings. The tutor was extremely helpful, answering questions, giving handy tips and taking time to explain the material. We were given sample questions in the session, as well as further study material online, which I would have been so lost without. Practicing the questions everyday and taking into account what I learnt in the session helped me to achieve great results."

~ Faryal Bagum, Co. Dublin (Mature Nursing Candidate)

"I will be forever grateful to the team at Career Services for all their help and support in my preparation for the HPAT exam. When I first decided I wanted to pursue a career in medicine the HPAT was the only thing standing in my way, it was daunting to say the least. With the help of career services' notes and the mock exam I overcame this obstacle, it helped to steady my nerves and keep me calm in the exam as I had already experienced an exam setting. Now as I look forward to the beginning of my medical career I know I'm only here because of the help of the career services team, I would highly recommend them to any hopeful doctor"

~Orna Cantillon, Limerick - Medicine Student UCC Kealy (HPAT®-Ireland)

"The HPAT was without a doubt one of the most challenging exams I have ever sat. It can be particularly scary because unlike the Leaving Certificate, your school does not prepare you. The careers services preparation course along with their fabulous preparation pack filled with notes and practice material gave me great direction in my studies. They tackled every aspect of the HPAT, from time management to critical thinking to what to bring on the day. Their preparation package was by far the best value for money, excellent price for an excellent service! I would highly recommend Careers Services to anyone feeling uncertain or weary about the HPAT, they give you an automatic advantage!"

~Emily Anna Panteli, Wexford - Medicine student in RCSI. (HPAT®-Ireland)

"Career Services was, without doubt, the most helpful tool in my journey to securing a place in Medicine. The course was calming, reassuring, and gave me confidence for the challenge ahead. The sample questions and practical advice proved to be a vital part of my preparation. The Mock exam helped with nerves for the big day and provided an extra resource of questions for that final week. Career Services provided an excellent service and an exceptional follow up continued until my CAO place was secured. Thanks to Career Services I have now secured my first-choice place to study Medicine in RCSI, Dublin"

~Emer Rose Kealy, Wicklow - Medicine student in RCSI (HPAT®-Ireland)

“I scored the top mark in Ireland – 243, and it is definitely thanks in part to your tutors. The extent of my preparation was your course and the two sample ACER tests.”

~ Niamh – who attended in Athlone (HPAT®-Ireland)

“Superb! This was my 3rd attempt at HPAT. Could not have passed it without your valuable help.Thanks.”

~ Emma (HPAT-Ulster)

"A huge shoutout to career services for helping me achieve my dream job as an apprentice aircraft mechanic. The apprenticeship preparation course was a huge asset to me and allowed me approach the aptitude tests and interviews with huge confidence allowing me to do well in them. This therefore unlocked a new stage of my life as an aircraft mechanic . My tutor for the day brilliantly broke down what the aptitude tests required and the booklet allowed me to adequately prepare in advance for the interview. Once again thanks for the great help"

~ Sean Meaney, Co. Clare (Apprenticeships)

"I feel that attending the apprenticeship course was a great help to me in securing my EIR apprenticeship. I was unsure as to what the aptitude tests and interview stage entailed of before attending this course. I learned so much from the clear explanation given by the tutor at the course and I felt much more confident about my aptitude tests and interview. I used the knowledge I gained at the course for each assessment stage and thankfully I was successful. I would like to give a big thank you to career services for helping me succeed with my apprenticeship"

~ Megan Banahan, Co. Roscommon (Apprenticeships)

"I am delighted to say that the apprenticeship preparation course helped me in getting my plumbing apprenticeship. Before I did the course I was unsure about the aptitude test, I found the course very helpful easily to understand and would one hundred percent recommend the course to any body looking to get the apprenticeship that suits them"

~ Adam Loughlin, Co. Meath (Apprenticeships)

"I did the online Paramedic course through yourselves and I sat the recent aptitude test. I would just like to let you know that I was successful and have gotten through to the interview stage.I would just like to thank you all for your help and letting you know that the course material was excellent.It was very beneficial to me in my exam. I wouldn't have gotten through it only for you guys.I will highly recommend your course to others in the near future"

~Sarah Eiffe, Co. Meath (Paramedics)

"I'd like to say what a fantastic day I had at your course in Dublin. It was extremely helpful and very thoroughly run. The instructor Patrick really knew his stuff and really knew how to get his points across. He made everyone feel at ease and explained everything in detail. I was finding things a bit difficult at the start of the day but with Patrick's help I was finding the trial aptitude tests a whole lot easier by the end of the day. The instructor had his whole day lined out, with the tea breaks and dinner break at precisely the right times. The whole day flew by which I didn't expect at all, and we were even eager to get back into the class after our lunch break (which says something in itself ! ) Honestly I can say, that I probably would NOT have been successful in my aptitude tests without the help of Career Services, and would highly recommend anyone who's going for an aptitude test to definitely use Career Services, As the old saying goes... "Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail! "Thanks again for all your help" 

~Greg Devine, Co Donegal (Paramedics)

"This is the second time I have used the career services preparation course. The first time helped me be successful and very high up the panel for my current job as ICO with the National Ambulance Service. Three years later I am now going for the student paramedic role and I took the advice I give to everybody and signed up for the preparation course again. Good job I did as Career Services knew about the changes to the aptitude test and gave a full and complete training day with extra online practice questions that got me safely through the new aptitude test. The time spent on the interview preparation during the course will, I'm sure, get me through the interview safely and with the best results again"

~ Stephen Hand, Co. Longford (Paramedics )


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