2025 Garda Stage 1 Aptitude Test Online Course


Everything you need to succeed at Stage 1 of the 2025 Garda recruitment campaign.

  • Instant and unlimited access up to and for the duration of the 2025 Garda campaign
  • Highest quality Garda Aptitude Test preparation
  • Highest quality preparation for the Written Exercise 
  • Expertly designed online course
  • Incredible Value

How do I Access my Course?

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  • Exceptional Online Course
  • Garda Aptitude Tests (Assessment Questionnaire & Job Simulations, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning)
  • Garda Written Exercise
  • Video Lessons & Tutorials
  • 100’s of Practice Questions
  • Hours of the highest quality practice material
  • Designed by experts with unparalleled experience
  • No regrets – “I should have done the Career Services course”
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Learn from the best tutors in the country
  • Be fully familiar with all sections and question types
  • Gain confidence going into the official Stage 1 Garda assessments
  • Maximise your performance

Course Content

Garda Recruitment Information Video

In our Recruitment Information Video our expert tutor will provide you with a detailed overview of the Recruitment process and the Stage 1 assessments. Become fully familiar with the process and what to expect:

> Learn about the entire recruitment process in detail

> The application form

> The assessment tests

> Get answers to the most common questions

Duration: 75 minutes

The Recruitment Process

The Application Form

Course orientation

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careerservice - Garda Recruitment Information Video
careerservice - Aptitude Tests
Online Garda Practice Aptitude Tests

Includes all of the Stage 1 Garda test styles that have been used in Garda recruitment campaigns over the last 35 years, including the most recent campaign.

Get full access to our expertly designed online Garda aptitude practice tests and resources. The easy-to-use interface of our e-learning platform allows you to navigate through video lessons, development exercises, and practice test questions for each section of the assessment.

We provide an un-rivalled learning experience as we specialise in e-learning solutions. Track your progress in your lessons, pick up from where you left off when you start your next study session, work through the highest quality practice tests and questions and get exceptional tuition through expert video lessons and tutorials.

Assessment Questionnaire & Job Simulation Exercises

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal lesson 

Guided Exercises 

Verbal Practice Tests 

Numerical Reasoning Tests

Tuition & Practice Tests 

Written Exercise

Tuition & Practice Samples

  • Lessons
  • Practice Sample Scenarios

Useful Resources

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Remember, Stage 1 of the competition is one of the most competitive stages and has the highest failure rate.

For €180, you get an Expert Recorded Video, access to our vast Online Resources for the Garda Aptitude Practice Tests, with hundreds of practice questions and the highest quality preparation for the Written Exercise!

Most importantly, you give yourself the best opportunity to succeed. 

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