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Who we are

Since 1987, Career Services has been Ireland's leading provider of preparation courses for the selection tests used for entry into various careers and university courses. We liaise with Guidance Counsellors nationwide and keep you up to date with career news that may be of interest to your students via our Job Alert Service.


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Guidance Counsellors can sign up to our Free Guidance Counsellor Emailing List. This will ensure you are kept informed of opportunities for students throughout the year.

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Careers Portal Profile

We have teamed up with Careers Portal and have a profile in the Guidance Counsellor section of their website. We will also feature in their newsletters throughout the year so keep a look out for us!



Some of our highlights from this year include:

•  1 out of every 3 of our HPAT students scored 170+ in the HPAT-Ireland

•  55 of students who attended our apprenticeship preparation courses started apprenticeships in September

•  96% candidates who attended our Garda preparation course passed the Garda Stage 1 assessments

•  99.8% participants in our 2016 customer survey would recommend a Career Services preparation course to a friend


Guidance Counsellor Discount

HPAT Preparation Courses

FREE HPAT Discount Voucher

Do you have 6th year students interested in medicine? Guidance Counsellors get a special discount off our HPAT Preparation course for their students interested in medicine.

If you would like to avail of this discount for your students simply enter your details here: Guidance Counsellor HPAT Voucher Request and we will send you out the vouchers for your students. It's that easy!


Free HPAT Information Guide

If you or your students would like more information about the HPAT in general or our preparation courses we offer a FREE HPAT Information Guide which we can post out or email. 


Apprenticeship Courses

Do you have students interested in apprenticeships? We run preparation courses for the aptitude tests and interviews that are used in a variety of apprenticeships including ESB, eir, Aer Lingus and many others. Our apprenticeship preparation courses are very popular every year with hundreds of students attending.

Transferable Skills

These courses have far reaching benefits as they provide students with skills that can be applied to various job applications in the future. The course familiarises them with the types of assessments that are frequently used not only for apprenticeships but by hundreds of private companies. In addition, they provide students with life-long interview skills. 

You can find out more about our apprenticeship assessment preparation course in our dedicated apprenticeship section here

We also provide preparation courses for various other careers that use selection tests as part of their recruitment. You can see the kinds of careers we deal in from our course list above. 


Have Questions?

If you have any questions or would like any further information about any of the above please just contact us on 028-22977 or and we will be happy to assist.