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Garda Stage 1 Ultimate Course

Our Garda Stage 1 Online Preparation Course provides the highest quality Garda aptitude test preparation. 

Our comprehensive preparation course features the highest quality Video Lessons & Tutorials,100’s of Practice Aptitude Test Questions, a Mock Exam Simulation and Resources. The course is designed by tutors with unparalleled experience in Garda recruitment preparation and includes the Stage 1 Garda test styles that have been used in Garda recruitment campaigns over the last 25 years, including the most recent campaign.

Prepare for Success

The Garda recruitment process is highly competitive and Stage 1 has the highest failure rate. We have been preparing candidates for the selection stages of Garda recruitment campaigns for over 35 years and there are more serving members in the force that have used our preparation services than any other provider in the country, so we are confident you will be getting the highest quality preparation.