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Firefighter Tests

Firefighter recruitment campaigns require candidates to complete a number of stages including firefighter tests. Applicants must be successful in the firefighter tests in order to advance to the next stage of the recruitment competition. Applicants are brought forward based on merit in their firefighter tests. Firefighter selection tests can vary between recruitment campaigns but can include psychometric tests such as:

Numerical Reasoning Tests 

  • The ability to work with numbers, from basic mental arithmetic through to identifying information from a wider piece of data to answer a question.

Verbal Reasoning Tests 

  • This tests your ability to understand and interpret information. You will have to determine if a statement is true, false or cannot say based on the information in a text passage.

Mechanical Reasoning Tests

  • Understanding basic mechanical principles, and how they are applied to gears, levers, or simple structures. There will be similarities to physics.

Spatial Reasoning Tests 

  • Visualising shapes and the relationship between different views of the same shape.

Situational judgement Tests

  • This tests how you would approach different scenarios which might take place at work.

In order to succeed at competitive firefighter recruitment campaigns you must succeed at the firefighter tests. This is where we can help. Our online firefighter preparation course will fully prepare you for the firefighter tests.

Online Firefighter Preparation Course

Firefighter recruitment competitions are highly competitive. We are a full-time team of professionals that have helped 1000′s of people to successfully pass the various stages of Firefighter recruitment campaigns. 

Our course includes expert preparation for firefighter application forms, interviews and psychometric tests.