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Firefighter Jobs

Firefighter jobs are advertised by local authorities for fire brigades in that respective city or county. Getting in touch with your local authority is the most direct way to find out if there will be a firefighter recruitment competition in your area.

Larger firefighter recruitment competitions for firefighter jobs take place in larger cities including Dublin and Cork City. You may also find this website which provides updates on Firefighter vacancies helpful.

The job of a Full-time Firefighter is very varied. The following details the main responsibilities: –

  • Promoting Community Fire Safety
  • Resolving emergencies (fire and rescue)
  • Developing local awareness
  • Promoting health and safety
  • Continued personal development
  • Managing resources and information

Online Firefighter Preparation Course

Firefighter recruitment competitions are highly competitive. We are a full-time team of professionals that have helped 1000′s of people to successfully pass the various stages of Firefighter recruitment campaigns. 

Our course includes expert preparation for firefighter application forms, interviews and psychometric tests.