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Career Services-The Entrance Exam Experts provide preparation courses for clerical officer aptitude tests. Our courses have been used by candidates for various national and other clerical officer competitions and have been of great benefit to candidates entering these kinds of recruitment campaigns. 

2018 Clerical Officers National Competition for the Civil Service 

A national Clerical Officer recruitment campaign was launched by the civil service (Department of Public Expenditure and Reform) in 2018. Applications for 'Clerical Officer in the Civil Service 2018' (Nationwide excluding Co. Dublin) were open on The deadline for applications was the 5th July @ 3pm. 


Clerical Officer National Recruitment Competitions

The Clerical Officer Competition is a national competition that recruits administrative staff into various government departments in the Public Service. The PAS (Public Appointments Service) is the centralised recruiter for the Civil Service. They run competitions to establish panels of suitably qualified individuals from which various vacancies may be filled.

What is the Role of a Clerical Officer?


Clerical Officer Selection Tests

Applications are made through the Public Appointments Service website when a competition is launched. After applying, candidates are entered into the selection process and will need to complete a number of stages. The first of these stages can comprise of an online questionnaire and assessment tests. These assessment tests can include; numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and clerical checking. Later stages will usually require attendance at a test/interview venue. See here to learn more about the stages of the Recruitment Process 

Importance of Preparation

Candidates have to be successful at each stage in order to progress to the next. Successful candidates are then placed onto a panel. As clerical officer positions become available in the candidates preferred geographical area, the candidates at the top of the panel would be placed.

The placing of candidates on a panel is usually dictated by their aptitude test scores. So, the speed at which candidates navigate through the recruitment process depends on their performance in their aptitude tests, the number of applicants and availability of new positions in their chosen geographical area. Preparing for the recruitment competition is thus very important. 


How to prepare for the Clerical Officer Aptitude Tests?

Our online course

This comprehensive online course features online practice tests which help candidates familiarise themselves with the format and style of questioning that have been used in various national clerical officer competitions. The course comprises of our exclusive online practice tests through our e-learning platform and covers verbal comprehension, numerical reasoning and error checking. 

Clerical Officer Online Course

Our day courses

Our renowned preparation day courses have been developed based on the most commonly used tests from large scale competitions in Ireland over the last number of years. We have over 30 years of industry experience and have helped thousands of candidates just like you succeed at their selection tests. Our day courses are excellent preparation for anyone applying to the national competitions and indeed other regional and smaller clerical officer competitions such as HSE, County Council and various others. These courses run when a national recruitment campaign is launched.

Click here to find out more about our highly acclaimed day course.

 Clerical Officer Day Course


The Benefits of working in the Public Sector

  • Job security, typically once a candidate is hired they tend to stay within the Public Sector
  • Permanent and pensionable career
  • Opportunities for promotion and advancement
  • Further Education Opportunities 
  • Challenging and rewarding work in a team environment
  • Responsibility of working in a Government Dept
  • Pay scale


Who is the Clerical Officer Recruitment Campaign open to?  

Intending candidates must possess the requisite knowledge, skills and competencies to carry out the role and be capable and competent of fulfilling the role to a high standard while also fulfilling citizenship, health and character requirements. A full list of eligibility criteria is available from the Public Appointments Service website when a recruitment campaign is launched. 


Clerical Officer Recruitment Campaign Preparation 

Career Services-The Entrance Exam Experts run renowned preparation courses for the Clerical Officer Campaign. Our courses are intensive courses that focus on helping candidates prepare for the various stages of the selection process. When a national competition is launched we also run classroom courses which are held nationwide and delivered by expert tutors. We are currently offering an online course for clerical officer assessment preparation. 


Is the course suitable for other clerical recruitment competitions

Absolutely! Whilst generally focused on the national recruitment campaigns carried out by the Civil Service our course is and has been useful for various other clerical competitions including ones with the HSE and smaller regional county council competitions, as well as others. There are a number of formats of Clerical Tests that are used frequently in Ireland and our course covers the most commonly used ones of these. Different formats of Verbal Tests, Numerical Tests and Error Checking are covered in our course including guidance on assessment questionnaires. Find out more here: 

We encourage you to read through our website to learn about the role, the recruitment process and how to prepare for the Clerical Officer Recruitment Competition.