The Garda Stage 1 ULTIMATE  Preparation Course 

Incredible Value 


The Garda Stage 1 ULTIMATE Course

Featuring a combination of all the expertise our team has to offer; we are delighted to present the Career Services’ Garda Stage 1 ULTIMATE Preparation Course for Garda Trainee applicants.

We have spent hundreds of hours designing, developing, and testing this preparation programme to help you pass your Stage 1 Garda tests.


What our students say...

"The course instructors were brilliant and helped with feedback and advice long after the courses were over. The work put in on your own time is massively important but with the direction of Career Services, you know what to aim at and how to hit it every time. I couldn't recommend the course and people involved more highly"

Gary Twamley, Co. Dublin (2019 Campaign)



Phase 1: Webinar

90 minute on-demand webinar through our e-learning platform. Delivered by our expert tutor who will provide you with a detailed overview of the Stage 1 assessments and application process. 

Become fully familiar with the process and what to expect. Get answers to the most common questions and learn how to navigate through your one of a kind expert course. 



Phase 2: Online Practice Tests

You will be enrolled onto our e-learning platform where you get full access to our expertly designed online practice tests and resources. The easy-to-use interface of our e-learning platform allows you to navigate through video lessons, development exercises, and practice test questions for each section of the assessment.

We provide an un-rivalled learning experience as we specialise in e-learning solutions. Track your progress in your lessons, pick up from where you left off when you start your next study session, work through the highest quality practice tests and questions and get exceptional tuition through expert video lessons and tutorials.



Phase 3: Mock Exam Simulation

The Mock Exam Simulation is a full length test designed to mimic the real thing. It is aimed at allowing you to experience the pressure of attempting the tests under timed conditions and to get a sense of areas that you may wish to improve on or focus on in the run up to the real assessments.

The Mock Exam Simulation is made available on your Career Services online platform approximately 1 week before the official Stage 1 tests are due to commence in the next recruitment competition. 



The Garda Stage 1 ULTIMATE course for Garda Trainee applicants is one of the best investments you will make in your future.

Remember, Stage 1 of the competition is one of the most competitive stages and has the highest failure rate. 

For €180, you get a tutor led Webinar, access to our vast Online Resources and a Mock Exam Simulation

Most importantly, you give yourself the best opportunity to succeed.