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Garda Sergeant Promotion Preparation

Garda Sergeants are front-line supervisors and are at the rank above Garda. The most recent Garda to Sergeant promotion competition took place in 2021. This was the first year that the promotion process was was carried out under the remit of the Public Appointments Service rather than managed internally in An Garda Síochána. Applicants needed to have passed their Garda internal promotion exams in order to be eligible to apply to the competition.

Garda to Sergeant Preparation

Psychometric tests formed part of the Garda Sergeant Promotion selection process for the first time in 2021 and we created a preparation course for that Garda to Sergeant promotion competition. Our introductory Garda to Sergeant preparation course received tremendous feedback and following on from our course we gathered feedback in order to further develop the course.

We have used our expertise and the feedback from candidates to develop a brand new comprehensive Garda to Sergeant preparation course. Our preparation course features the highest quality aptitude test preparation and interview guidance for Garda to Sergeant promotion competitions. We are Ireland’s leading preparation course provider for Garda tests and interviews and have a long standing history of supporting members in their aptitude tests and interviews.

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