Prison Officer Assessment & Interview Online Course


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  • 30+ hrs duration
  • Exceptional preparation
  • Prison Officer Application Form
  • Prison Officer Aptitude Tests
  • Prison Officer Interviews
  • Succeed at the Recruitment Competition
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Prison Officer Online Course

The selection process for Prison Officer Recruitment campaigns includes Aptitude tests, Role Play Exercise and a Competency Based interview. Our online course has been developed by experts with over 35 years of assessment industry experience. Includes everything you need to succeeed at the Recruit Prison Officer selection stages. 

Our online course is the only one of its kind in the country and is an exceptional preparation course for Recruit Prison Service assessment tests and interviews. The course also includes comprehensive preparation for the interview and has everything you need to succeed.


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Course Content

Numerical Reasoning Tests

Mathematics is not a strong point for many candidates, and it could be many years since you have previously attempted a formal maths assessment.  This course provides:


on the basic mathematical concepts (percentages, fractions, etc.) required to answer the numerical questions.

Practice Tests

expertly created practice tests and solutions to help you practice your mathematical skills. These are practice tests of varying difficulty levels to help you practice answering questions of a similar format to the official assessment.

Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning can be a difficult test as it involves reading a lot of confusing information and evaluating statements under very tight time constraints. This course provides:


tutor led video lessons on the format, approaches, and confusing language.

Practice Tests

expertly created practice tests with solutions.

Situational Judgement Tests

This involves multiple scenarios that you may encounter in a supervisory/middle management role within the Prison Service. 


on Situational Judgement Tests

Practice Exercises

expertly created job simulation practice scenarios

Role Play Exercise

In the exercise you are required to take on a specific role in a scenario . The role play takes different forms and you will receive your brief on the day of the exercise. This exercise is based on some of the key skills which have been identified as necessary for effective performance in the Recruit Prison Officer role.

Expert Guidance

guidance and advice on the Role Play Exercise

  • including a sample scenario
Interview Preparation

Get fully prepared for the Competency Based Interview

Interview lesson 1: Understand

  • Demystifying Competency-Based Interviews
  • Making the most of Reference Materials
  • Why competency based interviews are used
  • How the process works
  • The activities of the interview board and candidate
  • Reference Materials
  • Question Categories

Interview Lesson 2: Prepare

  • Application Form
  • How to identify the competencies for your interview
  • Performance / behavioural indicators Generating ideas for your examples
  • STAR Method Assessing your examples
  • Preparing Competency Examples
  • Condensing your information & reviewing

Interview Lesson 3: Perform

  • Performing at your best in the interview
  • The importance of verbal practice
  • What to expect on the day
  • Tips

This comprehensive course prepares you for the selection process in Recruit Prison Officer campaigns for the Irish Prison Service.

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