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Prison Officer Online Course

We are currently working on our Prison Officer online course for the expected 2022 Prison Officer campaign.
The course will be aimed at helping you to prepare for the Prison Officer aptitude tests. To be notified of when our 2022 preparation course is available to book, please sign up to our notifications list below.

Our online course is the only one of its kind in the country and is an exceptional preparation course for Recruit Prison Service assessment tests.  This course has been developed by experts in the assessment industry and includes hundreds of practice questions in several formats of timed and untimed tests as well as video lessons on solving numerical problems and an overview of how to use different formats of verbal tests. The course also includes an Interview Workbook which covers the identification of competencies the employer is looking for, generating ideas, writing scenarios, report writing, and group interviews.

What to expect?

Our online course has been developed by experts with over 30 years of assessment industry experience. This comprehensive course is based on the commonly used assessment styles in Stage 1 & 2 of Recruit Prison Officer campaigns for the Irish Prison Service. 

Incredible Value