The Mature Nursing Assessment Test

Upon successfully applying for your 3rd level nursing course through the CAO website you will be eligible to sit The Assessment Test for mature applicants in April. In previous years this was a written assessment however as of 2018 the Assessment Test has been changed to a computer-based assessment. The Assessment Test is conducted by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland. You must be successful in The Assessment Test before being considered for on an offer for your chosen nursing degree course.

What is involved in The Assessment Test?

The online assessments will consist of a Verbal Test, a Numerical Test and Job Simulation Exercise. Information about the assessment test and familiarisation material is released in advance of the official exam.

Test 1: Verbal Test: 

This test is designed to measure the ability to understand information in a series of passages.

Test 2: Numerical Test: 

This test is designed to measure the ability of the candidate to carry out calculations on common day-to-day mathematical problems.

Test 3: Job Simulation Exercises: 

This exercise attempts to identify your likely response when presented with scenarios typical of what could occur in a job situation. This exercise measures a range of skills and qualities required in the Student Nurse role, ranging from taking care of someone, through to taking responsibility in a situation, In this test you will be required to read through a number of scenarios and then choose which one of a list of possible actions you would do, based on the information presented in the scenario.

So What Do I Do Now? 

The following guidelines are advised for completing the Mature Nursing / Midwifery entry process successfully.