HPAT Ultimate Online
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The HPAT ULTIMATE Preparation Programme

Get the classroom feeling from the comfort of your home. 
Online learning like you have never experienced it! 


Not all online/webinar courses are the same. Since the pandemic forced a lot of courses online, you have probably experienced more than your fair share of boring and flat presentations. Our HPAT Ultimate Preparation Programme will change the way you think about online learning. 

The HPAT Ultimate Programme is delivered in 3 manageable phases. It is the most comprehensive HPAT preparation programme available. At the end of this programme you will be fully familiar with all aspects of the HPAT-Ireland exam and be fully prepared to maximise your performance. 


"My school guidance counsellor told me that Career Services had the best reputation, so I decided to choose them for my HPAT study.  I was glad that I did. The tutors were outstanding and the webinars made it feel like my tutor, Patrick, was my very own personal tutor." 

Liam O'Brien - HPAT Student



What our students say...

The HPAT Ultimate Programme includes:

The HPAT Ultimate Programme is delivered in 3 phases. It is the most comprehensive HPAT preparation programme available. Exceptional tuition delivered in an engaging and interactive manner. Be fully prepared for all aspects of the HPAT-Ireland exam and maximise your performance. 

Phase 1

3 x On-Demand Webinars
(A webinar for each exam section & webinar workbook)

Learn from our expert tutors how to approach each style of question in the HPAT-Ireland.

Phase 2

Home Study Pack
(Paper-Based & Digital)

Practice your skills with our practice questions. Learn from your mistakes with our detailed solutions.

Phase 3

1 x Fully Timed Mock Exam
Webinar Mock Lesson
5 Hours of Video Solutions

Test yourself. Compare your progress against other students. Dissect the solutions with the webinar lessons.



Phase 1

3 x On-Demand Webinars

Join the class - only this time it is from the comfort of your own home. There is a separate on-demand webinar for each section of the three sections of the HPAT-Ireland.

You will be greeted by one of our award-winning tutors. Workbooks are posted in advance to allow you to work through development exercises and practice questions with your tutor in the on-demand webinars.

Have questions? Get in touch we are always only an email or a phone call away!

Dates and Venues

Phase 2

Home Study Material

Phase 2 of your programme includes your home based study. You will receive a comprehensive paper-based pack with 20-30 hours of study material. This will also be made available to you in a digital format through your e-learning account. 

HPAT Lite Printed Version

Phase 3

Phase 3 of your study programme includes a fully timed Mock Exam followed by three tutor-led webinar lessons based on the mock exam.

Mock Exam Simulation

The Mock Exam is a full length test aimed at allowing you to experience the pressure of attempting the tests under timed conditions and to get a sense of areas that you may wish to improve on or focus on in the run up to the real HPAT exam. Percentile scores will be available to students to compare their results against other students who sit the test. The Mock Exam will be made available through your Career Services e-learning platform. 

Mock Exam Online Lessons 

Following your Mock Exam you will also receive a tutor led guided lesson followed by 5 hours of video solution lessons. These lessons will help you to learn from your mistakes in the mock exam.  All available on your e-learning platform. 


Programme Schedule


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The ULTIMATE HPAT Preparation Programme for is one of the best investments you will make in your future.

For €350 you get an 8-part study programme including 3 x Full On-Demand Webinars, 1 x Comprehensive Home Study Package, access to our Online Resources, 1 X Mock Exam Simulation & Mock Lessons. 

Most importantly, you give yourself the best opportunity to succeed.