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HPAT and UL Postgraduate Applicants

See below for some common questions in relation to the HPAT exam and UL Postgraduate Applicants.

Do I still need to apply through CAO for UL postgraduate courses such as the MSc Occupational Therapy or MSc Speech and Language

Yes, before registering for the HPAT exam, all must first get their CAO number. This number is required to successfully complete your HPAT exam registration. To get a CAO number, you need to apply online at

What score should I be aiming for?

The required HPAT exam score or percentile range for HPAT candidates applying to UL is based very much on supply versus demand for places. In fact, it varies from year to year as applicants are judged relative to each other. To take an example, the required percentile score for entry into the MSc Occupational Therapy in September 2022 was around the 50th centile.

We would advise that you contact UL directly for clarification with regard to the HPAT points required for the course you are interested in to ensure you are working with the most accurate and up to date information. This will allow you to adjust your study plan and goals accordingly.

Does your HPAT course include preparation for the Section 4 - Written Communication

Yes, the online resources also include a section for ‘Written Communication’ which is relevant only to candidates who have applied to the University of Limerick. The module includes information on the best approach for writing the mini essays, organising your thoughts, structuring your writing, four sample exercises, a sample essay and six sample questions.

When are the HPAT Ireland exam results released for UL applicants?

The results are usually released in mid-late April for UL applicants.

Please note:HPAT®-Ireland Exam is a registered trademark of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). CS Career Services Ltd. preparation courses are unaffiliated with and not endorsed by ACER. Our preparation materials are based the format of the HPAT-Ireland assessment and provide the best tuition with the information that is available at the current time. We cannot accept responsibility for any possible changes to future assessments.

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