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HPAT Questions

The HPAT exam has various question types and styles depending on the HPAT section. The HPAT exam consists of  has three different sections each with their own style of hpat questions.

Section 1 HPAT questions are focused on Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving. These HPAT questions include questions with Graphs & Charts. Mathematical Questions, Science Experiments etc.

Section 2 HPAT questions are related to Interpersonal understanding. Interpersonal Understanding HPAT questions have a focus on working with and understanding people and consist of scenarios, narratives and dialogues with questions designed to assess the understanding of people; their motivations, behaviours and responses.

Section 3 HPAT questions include Non-Verbal reasoning questions like Next in Series, Missing Segments and Middle of Sequences.

Top Quality HPAT Practice Questions

We are Ireland’s leading preparation course provider for the HPAT exam. Our HPAT preparation course has 100’s of the highest quality hpat practice questions for each section of the HPAT. We have been providing preparation to students for hpat questions since the exam was introduced. Our HPAT courses consist of substantial HPAT practice questions. See below for what is included in our courses.

Sample HPAT Practice Questions
Our Section 1 HPAT Practice Questions

Our Section 2 HPAT Practice Questions

Our Section 3 HPAT Practice Questions

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