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HPAT Scores

Students who wish to pursue medicine will need to be aiming for an average HPAT score of 170 in the exam. Why? Because the HPAT-Ireland is a very low scoring exam, where a score of 170+ would be regarded as a very strong result. The Leaving Certificate requires hours of study to be undertaken for you to achieve 550+ which will be realistically needed for you to be in contention for those precious medicine university course places in August. The competitive selection criterion for entry to Medicine will be based on the weighted combination of the LCE and HPAT-Ireland scores. The weighting will be a 2:1 ratio where the LCE = 2 and HPAT-Ireland =1.

Since the introduction of the HPAT-Ireland the minimum Leaving Certificate points total that is required to enter medicine is 480, however this is not realistic, and you will have to be aiming for a much higher Leaving Certificate points total to be successful.

See also: Medicine Entry Requirements for a more detailed overview about the entry points and requirements for medicine.

How do I get 170+ in the HPAT-Ireland?

This will require a realistic study and preparation plan.

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