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I will be forever grateful to the team at Career Services for all their help and support in my preparation for the HPAT exam. When I first decided I wanted to pursue a career in medicine the HPAT was the only thing standing in my way, it was daunting to say the least. With the help of career services' notes and the mock exam I overcame this obstacle, it helped to steady my nerves and keep me calm in the exam as I had already experienced an exam setting. Now as I look forward to the beginning of my medical career I know I'm only here because of the help of the career services team, I would highly recommend them to any hopeful doctor. Orna Cantillon, Limerick, Medical Student UCC Kealy (HPAT®-Ireland exam 2017)

"The HPAT was without a doubt one of the most challenging exams I have ever sat. It can be particularly scary because unlike the Leaving Certificate, your school does not prepare you. The Careers Services preparation course along with their fabulous preparation pack filled with notes and practice material gave me great direction in my studies. They tackled every aspect of the HPAT, from time management to critical thinking to what to bring on the day. Their preparation package was by far the best value for money, excellent price for an excellent service! I would highly recommend Careers Services to anyone feeling uncertain or weary about the HPAT, they give you an automatic advantage! Emily Anna Panteli, Wexford. Medicine student in RCSI. (HPAT®-Ireland exam 2017)

Career Services was, without doubt, the most helpful tool in my journey to securing a place in Medicine. The course was calming, reassuring, and gave me confidence for the challenge ahead. The sample questions and practical advice proved to be a vital part of my preparation. The Mock exam helped with nerves for the big day and provided an extra resource of questions for that final week. Career Services provided an excellent service and an exceptional follow up continued until my CAO place was secured. Thanks to Career Services I have now secured my first-choice place to study Medicine in RCSI, Dublin. Emer Rose Kealy, Wicklow. Medicine student in RCSI (HPAT®-Ireland exam 2017)

The HPAT exam was completely different from any exam I'd seen so I really needed guidance and advice in order to do well in it. Career Services provided this. After researching different courses I decided to choose theirs to help me prepare for the HPAT and it was definitely the right decision. After attending the day course and listening to the invaluable tips and techniques given the hpat didn't seem so daunting anymore and I was able to face the exam with more confidence. The material provided was great, very thorough and really helped me make sense of the questions. The mock exam helped me with timing and got rid of some of my nerves as well so I was much more calm on the day of the real exam. I'm delighted to have secured a place in medicine now and have attained a good hpat result which I would have struggled to achieve without the help of Career Services. I would recommend their course to anyone looking to prepare for the HPAT exam, I found it so helpful. ~ Aoife McDonagh (HPAT®-Ireland exam 2017)

"Having attended the Career Services course I was armed with the material, methods and advice I needed to successfully prepare for the HPAT exam. The course was well structured with an appropriate focus on exam technique and common trends. The mock exam was also extremely helpful to quash exam nerves and to perfect timing before the real thing. I was extremely pleased with my results and confident that the Career Services Team greatly improved my grade" Thanks again, (HPAT®-Ireland exam 2017)

I fully believe that I would not have achieved my place here in medicine without the help of Career Services.  When I first took a look at a sample HPAT[®-Ireland] exam I was incredibly disheartened. But, with the superb help of Career Services, everything was made completely clear. Because of this course I had the material, help and understanding required to tackle the HPAT[®-Ireland] exam. I felt confident entering the exam where I once would have felt hopeless.  Now I am studying the course of my dreams and when I look back I can not recall any feeling of dread towards the HPAT[®-Ireland]. It became something within my reach.  I would highly recommend Career Services for their to-the-point and friendly help. Emma O'Sullivan, Galway. Medicine student in NUIG (HPAT®-Ireland exam 2016)

Career Services gave me the edge other courses failed to do. The supports offered by their team were crucial in achieving what I have recently attained. The materials provided were plentiful and knowledgeable and very applicable to my given test. The content of the given material was helpful and effective when tackling the numerous practice questions. The exam was broken down simply yet it was thoroughly explained to assist in my understanding. The information given made me fully understand not only the purpose of the exam but also how to succeed in it. HPAT[®-Ireland] is an unpredictable exam however career services made me feel beyond prepared when presented with the unknown on test day. The course I attended was inspiring, making me determined to thrive and succeed in this years exam. The verbal explanations given were enlightening in different approaches to the exam. The practice test was pragmatic and grounding in how it tested my abilities, along with showing me how to apply my newly learned skills in an exam situation. It gave me a realistic expectation of what to anticipate on opening my exam paper. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again” and that’s what I did facing into another HPAT[®-Ireland] exam yet this time I had Career Services supporting me. The benefits of having a Career Services course and assistance behind you are abundant and I personally cannot recommend them enough. Thank you for all your support and help. ~ Claire Stenson, Sligo (HPAT®-Ireland exam 2016)


My name is Belinda and I am absolutely delighted that I am currently studying medicine in UCD, however, I have no doubt that I owe much of my success to the excellent resources provided by Career Services. Having bought the “HPAT[®-Ireland Exam] Complete Package” there was a considerable increase in my scores on practice tests. The 1-Day Preparation Course, in particular, was invaluable, the teacher was comprehensive, enthusiastic and provided lots of efficient strategies and techniques on how to approach the questions. The Home Study material was very helpful in reinforcing the answering style learned at the Day Course and becoming familiar with the layout. The Supervised Mock Exam left me feeling more prepared and confident entering the actual HPAT[®-Ireland exam], which as everyone knows is an incredibly daunting experience. I would highly recommend that anyone considering doing the HPAT[®-Ireland exam] take this course as it is undoubtedly worth every cent. ~ Belinda, Galway (HPAT®-Ireland exam 2016)


I found career services' preparation course for the hpat extremely helpful. They developed strategies, practiced techniques and explained the importance of time keeping. This course, in my opinion, was the biggest factor in me getting my place in medicine. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody planning on sitting the HPAT[®-Ireland exam] or any other aptitude tests. Eoin Fitzpatrick, Cork (HPAT®-Ireland exam 2016)


I took a careers services HPAT[®-Ireland exam] prep course. This included a giant folder of questions for me to practice at home, a 1 day course and a mock exam. I found the questions to be very helpful in preparing me for the HPAT[®-Ireland exam], especially concerning section 2. The mock HPAT[®-Ireland] exam truly assisted me with my timing and reduced how nervous i was for the real thing. The staff are excellent and are always willing to help however they can. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking for an affordable and good course.Lidia Shafik, Galway (HPAT®-Ireland exam 2016)


As a secondary school student wishing to do medicine, the Leaving Certificate was not the only exam I was dreading.  The HPAT[®-Ireland exam] was an exam which I knew little about and also feared.  After participating in Career Services' day-long course, my fear was changed to determination.  Career Services taught me to use a logical, practical and universal approach to each of the styles of questions in the HPAT[®-Ireland exam].  I learnt to face the exam with courage and confidence, and this is something that I have used and will continue to use in each exam I take.  I am truly grateful for the help I received from everyone on the Career Services Team. Fiona O'Flynn, Co. Cork (HPAT®-Ireland exam 2016)


“I scored the top mark in Ireland – 243, and it is definitely thanks in part to your tutors. The extent of my preparation was your course and the two sample ACER tests.”   Niamh –  attended in Athlone


“Don’t buy in to the belief that the HPAT[®-Ireland exam] can’t be prepared for – it can!”   Evelyn- attended in Dublin


“My name is Ellen and I attended Career Services HPAT preparation course before Christmas. I’m writing to you to thank you for all the help and skills the course gave me. I received 206 points in my HPAT[®-Ireland exam], placing me in the 98th percentile this year. I am now lucky enough to be a 1st year Medicine student in Trinity College Dublin. Thanks again.” Ellen -  attended in Dublin


“Brilliant service. I really felt that it helped both with my confidence and my capability in the HPAT[®-Ireland exam]  Cormac –  attended in Galway


“I enjoyed the informal nature of the course. It was easy to learn as the lessons were explained clearly.”   Catherine- attended in Waterford


“Great tutors. Informative and original ideas on exam technique were presented by the tutors. Delighted with the service I received.”  Anne-Marie –  attended in Limerick


“The course gives a very good insight to the HPAT[®-Ireland exam] with well worked explanations and good notes”   Tom-  attended in Sligo


“I feel that I am in a much better position going into the HPAT[®-Ireland exam] in February and that I can achieve my dream of becoming a doctor.”   James-  attended in Dublin


“A very clear, helpful course which I feel will be of great benefit in the HPAT[®-Ireland exam]   Helen- attended in Dublin


“Excellent preparation for the HPAT[®-Ireland exam]. A few tips and advice which was given are brilliant. Came in lost and left with a very good understanding of the HPAT[®-Ireland exam] and how to do well. “   Sarah-  attended in Cork


“Tutors were very helpful. They were engaging and thorough. They gave us plenty of written information”   Peace-  attended in Waterford


 “I attended both a preparation course and a practice test in 2012. This team of tutors taught me how to answer all three sections more efficiently, particularly section 3 which before this course was like a guessing game to me. I was delighted to finish in the 94th percentile. I couldn’t have achieved this score without their help.”  Catriona –  attended in Cork


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