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With over 30 years of assessment industry experience, we provide Ireland's No. 1 HPAT® preparation courses. Preparation for the HPAT®-Ireland Exam is vital. You must remember that this exam is worth 1/3 of the points that you require for entry to Medicine. The Leaving Certificate is worth the remaining 2/3 of the points. So, when you consider the time and resources that you set aside for your other Leaving Certificate subjects, it is certainly worth setting aside structured time for your HPAT®-Ireland Exam study. This is where we can help. We have been running Ireland's most successful HPAT® preparation courses since the HPAT was introduced in 2009. 

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Smart Study for the HPAT® Exam

Most students aiming for a place in a Medicine course are already putting in the effort and hours when it comes to study. However, the difference between successful students and those who just fall short of their desired result is that successful students are smarter about their study. They are more efficient because they spend more time on focused practice that helps them understand the material and improve more quickly.

The HPAT®-Ireland Exam has no set curriculum as it does not test any academic knowledge. This means it does not require the same time-consuming study as you would give to your Leaving Certificate subjects. However, what it does require is confidence, know-how, and practice. Therefore, our acclaimed HPAT®-Ireland Exam preparation courses are the ideal preparation for your HPAT® Exam. 


Our HPAT®-Ireland Preparation Courses

We offer two comprehensive study options:

Study Option 1: The HPAT® Complete Package

This is our flagship course and has helped produce the highest HPAT®-Ireland Exam score since the test began. This blended learning experience includes:

  • 2 Days of Preparation (full preparation day course + Full supervised mock exam) 
  • Comprehensive Home Study Pack (Paper based & Digital format 40+ hours of study material sent out at the time of booking)
  • Online Resources (Tutorials on our exclusive e-Learning platform)


Just some of the reasons students choose our HPAT® Complete Package...

 Outstanding tuition by expert tutors who work full time in the business and industry of psychometric test preparation

 Highest quality preparation with more than 40 hours of study material, lessons and practice materials

           Highest quality support and customer service. We understand how demanding and stressful it is to compete for a place in Medicine and we are here to support you; you will always be able to reach us.

       We keep our class sizes small, so you get the individual attention you need

       Gain confidence and a full understanding of the HPAT exam 

       Proven results and track record

       We are 100% Irish based and operated


Our results speak for themselves

  • Nationally, only 1 out of 6 students that sat the HPAT in 2018 were offered a place in medicine.  Over 1 in 3 of our students got offered a place
  • 99.8% of students would recommend our courses



    Group Discounts 

We offer group discounts on our HPAT Complete Package for students booking as a group (minimum of 2 students). Groups can get a significant discount of over 30% off our HPAT Complete Package valued at €350. Our discount means you get the HPAT Complete Package for an amazing €230 each!

How to get a group discount

It's easy! If 2 of you or more are interested in doing our HPAT course, simply call the office on 028-22977 and we will apply the discount!

HPAT Complete Package


Study Option 2: The HPAT® Home Study Package

This package is a comprehensive study guide. It aims to teach you how to improve your HPAT®-Ireland exam scores from the comfort of your own home. This package allows you to study at times that are suitable to you rather than being tied down to specific dates and times of supervised preparation courses. This extensive home study preparation course will also appease students and parents who are working with a budget. The Home Study Package is the best valued HPAT®-Ireland Exam preparation course in the country.


HPAT Home Study Package


I'm in 5th year, can I start preparing now? 

We often get asked "Can I prepare for the HPAT®-Ireland Exam in 5th year?" and our answer is: yes, absolutely!  In fact, we encourage it. Every year 5th year students approach us to get a head start on their HPAT®-Ireland Exam preparation. As they cannot sit the HPAT®-Ireland Exam until their leaving cert year the most popular option for them is to sign up for our HPAT®-Ireland Exam Complete Package and defer their day course and supervised mock exam to the following year. This allows them to receive their Home Study Pack upon booking and use this throughout 5th year to become familiar with the HPAT® and to gain an insight into the exam. This means they are better prepared when facing into the leaving cert year. They then attend their preparation day course and supervised mock exam in their leaving certificate year. If you would like to avail of this simply call us on 028-22977. 


 I'm ready to start preparing....

"And we're ready to guide you to success! Our highly acclaimed HPAT®-Ireland Exam courses are now available to book.

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Important Note:

HPAT®-Ireland exam is registered trademark of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).