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Stage 3 Garda Interview

Stage 3 of the Garda recruitment campaign is the interview stage. This involves a competency based interview in front of an interview board. Competency Based Interviews are also known as ‘Structured Interviews’ or ‘Behavioural Interviews’. These interviews are made up of several targeted questions that require interviewees to describe specific tasks or situations. They work on the belief that the best indication of future behaviour is past behaviour. Typically, the interviewee will be assessed against a few different competencies.

In competency-based interviews, candidates are asked to think about an example of where they have shown the competency or skill in question. Then on the day of the interview, the interview board would ask the candidate questions on the example they had given. If the interview board are satisfied that the candidate clearly presented that they are competent in all required skill areas, they would pass the interview.

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Please note: We are not affiliated with An Garda Síochána or the Public Appointments Service (the official recruiter) and our courses are optional.