Garda Stage 1 Preparation Courses


Garda Recruitment Stage 1 Preparation Courses 

Candidates who apply for a Garda recruitment campaign will face into a rigorous selection process. Stage 1 of the Garda recruitment campaign comprises of online aptitude tests.  W e have helped thousands of candidates to succeed in the each of the stages of the Garda recruitment campaign. We have undoubtedly established ourselves as Ireland's leading provider of Garda preparation courses, with 30 years of experience, we are the longest established and most experienced Garda preparation course providers. To help you prepare for the Stage 1 Garda aptitude tests, we have researched, developed, and formatted our best Garda stage 1 preparation courses to date.

We have spent hundreds of hours perfecting our Stage 1 Garda Aptitude Test Preparation Courses for the Garda recruitment campaigns. This is a complete study programme that enables our students to peak for the official Garda online aptitude tests and assessments. In order to provide you with a choice, and to meet your individual needs, we have created three course options:

  1. The Garda Complete Package
  2. The Online Home Study Course

Each of these courses are outlined below.


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1. The Garda Complete Package

We are proud to say that this is our company's flagship course. We have 30 years of experience in preparing candidates and this Garda Stage 1 aptitude tests and our preparation course was designed with the most serious candidates in mind.  This combined course comprises of the:

  • Preparation Day Course 
  • Online Home Study Course
  • Garda Interview Module

We use a blended learning approach in our complete package. During the Preparation Day Course you will experience the highest quality classroom teaching. You will be able to engage with tutors who are truly experts in their field. They work full time in the design, production and delivery of these Garda aptitude and assessment test courses. Each of the tests are explained clearly and without any fluff. Overhead presentations are used to clearly explain difficult problems. Exercises are carried out to improve your skills and will ensure that you are fully engaged throughout the day.

Online Resource: Of course the official assessments are online assessments, so it goes without saying that being able to practice tests online is a tremendous benefit. The Online Home Study Course allows you to login to Ireland's only e-Learning platform designed for preparing candidates for the official Garda assessments. The e-Learning platform allows you to complete online lessons, access over 1000+ practice questions and view useful publications for the Garda recruitment campaign.

The Introductory Report Writing Module helps you to get an insight into what to expect at Stage 2 with a Report Writing overview and practice exercise.

The Garda Interview Module is a step-by-step guide to help prepare your scenarios for the Garda Competency Based Interview. This guide was designed collaboratively by our experienced team and a retired Superintendent who at sat on the Garda Interview panel for years.


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2. The Preparation Day Course 

The preparation day course is an action packed day that runs from 10.00am until 6.00pm. In fact it really is a two day course, but through efficient time management, we have managed to successfully design a 1-day course that will save you having to take an extra day off work. The course takes place in a classroom setting with approximately 30 people in attendance and is held in a number of top class conference centres nationwide.  During the course, all aspects of the types of Garda aptitude tests are fully analysed, discussed and solutions are fully explained by tutors with the highest relevant qualifications in psychometric testing. Our professionally qualified tutors always create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere during the course to ensure that there is a positive learning environment.  Courses take place at 7 locations around the country so that you will not have to travel too far to attend the course. 

Course locations include Athlone, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Sligo and Waterford











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 3. The Online Home Study Course   

Take the opportunity to gain access to our exclusive online Garda practice aptitude tests through our e-Learning platform. This course is an ideal study aid to the Preparation Day Course. It is also ideal for candidates who are living overseas or are unable to attend the day course for whatever reason. Our online practice tests come as part of our Complete Package and allow for a blended learning approach to ensure the most effective preparation. This online course contains video tutorials and over 1000+ practice questions. See our video below.




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