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Garda Sergeant Promotion 2021

A Garda to Sergeant promotion competition took place in 2021. The Minister for Justice, Heather Humphreys TD has introduced new regulations which significantly reformed the promotion process for the key Garda ranks of sergeants and inspectors and paved the way for the promotion of hundreds of members of An Garda Síochána. The new Garda Sergeant promotions and appointment process was carried out under the remit of the Public Appointments Service for the first time, rather than managed internally in An Garda Síochána.

Garda Sergeants are front-line supervisors and are at the rank above Garda. There were 266 vacancies at the rank of sergeant in An Garda Síochána and the new regulations allowed these new promotions to begin in 2021. Applicants needed to have passed their Garda internal promotion exams in order to be eligible to apply to this competition.
This course was provided for eligible candidates that applied to the Garda to Sergeant promotion competition run by the Public Appointments Service. The deadline for applications was Weds 15th September 2021. 


Garda Sergeant Test Preparation 

Psychometric tests formed part of the Garda Sergeant Promotion selection process. We have been providing preparation courses for Garda entrance exams since the introduction of aptitude tests in 1987. We are Ireland's leading preparation course provider for Garda entrance tests and there are thousands of serving members that have undertaken our courses over the years. We have a long history of supporting candidates in Garda Recruitment and we'd like to keep that up. We offered our preparation course for the Garda Sergeant tests to eligible candidates that applied for the 2021 Garda to Sergeant recruitment competition. 


What our customers say...

"I completed the Garda to Sergeant test today (5/11/21), I have to admit I found the test quite tough. However, without the help/assistance of Career Services I definitely would not have been in the right mindset for this test. Regardless of the outcome of my results I definitely found Career Services were almost exact with the style of test given on the day especially in relation to the Numerical tests. It can be hard to prepare for this style of test especially in relation to verbal tests and situational judgement tests, but if you persist with what’s available through Career Services you will not be shocked on the day when attempting the actual live test, your mindset will be ready for it. In relation to numerical tests I know for a fact I would have failed in this section if not for practicing over and over on the Career Services website. The examples provided are more than enough to get you over the line as the live test was extremely similar to the examples provided, even though I have no results I am very confident in this area."
~ Brian (Garda to Sergeant Competition 2021)

Garda Sergeant Online Course

- Designed and developed by our expert team who work full-time
   in the psychometric test preparation industry. 

- Delivered through our user friendly e-Learning platform. The
  official psychometric tests will be online, so it makes sense to
  practice and prepare in a similar online environment.

- Get instant access to 44 online practice tests, 10 video tutorials,
   and hundreds of practice questions.

- Our knowledgeable customer service team are always available to
   help via phone, email, and social media.

Access Duration: Access to online resources will be available up until after the official test window closes. Access will expire after this.


What you will learn

You will familiarise yourself with the different styles of aptitude tests that are commonly used for these assessments. You will learn how to recognise patterns in questions. You will develop methodical approaches to help you answer questions. 


Why you want to learn it

Over 3,000 members of An Garda Siochana are eligible to apply for the 2021 Garda sergeant competition. There are only 266 vacancies. The vast majority of candidates will not be successful in the competition because they will not get a good enough score in the psychometric tests. If you are a serious candidate you will want to give yourself an edge by doing the best preparation course available.   


How it will help you

Performance requires training. Being familiar with the question styles and learning methodical approaches means that you will be able to answer questions quickly and accurately. Achieving that balance means that you will perform well in the psychometric tests, and you will be called forward to the competency-based interview.


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Incredible Value 

We have decided to offer the course at an introductory offer of €99, as this is the first year the Public Appointment Services will administer the psychometric tests as part of the Garda sergeant assessments. This investment in your career is incredible value at this price.