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Firefighter Selection Process

The general selection process / stages of firefighter recruitment competitions can vary between different city and county council competitions. Below we have outlined the general selection stages for Firefighter recruitment campaigns.

Please note that the order of these stages can vary as between competitions as each city/county council is responsible for their own recruitment process so you can expect some variation.


Phase 1

Application Form / Expression of Interest

Candidates generally apply online when applications open and are usually provided with a Information Booklet. Candidates should take the time to review the Information Booklet in full  and complete the Online Application or Expression of Interest form.

Phase 2

Psychometric Tests 

Eligible candidates will be required to undergo a series of Psychometric/Aptitude assessments for the position. Candidates are typically ranked in Order of Merit at this stage based on their performance in the assessments, with the highest scoring candidates being called forward for the next stage first.

Phase 3

Application Form

Candidates who reach this phase of the competition will be required to complete a more detailed application form and submit it for further consideration.

Phase 4


The top group of candidates will be invited to a competency based interview organised by the recruiting Council. They will be invited to undergo a competitive competency based interview the results of which will be used to determine the panel from which vacancies, as may occur within the lifetime of the panel, may be filled.

Phase 5

Following the interviews a Panel will be formed on which successful candidates will be ranked in Order of Merit.

Phase 6

Candidates will be called from the panel in the order in which they are placed. Each candidate called from the panel will be required to undertake a medical assessment designed to ensure that the candidate has satisfactory general health, hearing and vision.

Phase 7

Candidates who successfully complete the medical assessment will be required to undertake a Candidate Physical Screening Assessment (CPSA). This process will assess candidates to ensure they have the required standard of physical fitness, strength and the capability to operate as a Firefighter.

Applicants will, on successful completion of all the above stages, and subject to satisfactory Garda Vetting, references and meeting the qualifications will be required to successfully complete an appropriate period of training.

Preparing for the Psychometric Tests

Firefighter Recruitment Competitions are highly competitive.

We are Ireland’s No 1. preparation course providers for the selection tests used in Firefighter recruitment campaigns and have over 30 years of assessment industry experience.

Entry RequirementsFirefighter Assessment Course
careerservices-Psychometric Tests

Please note: We are not affiliated with the official recruiter and our courses are optional.

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