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Clerical Officer Recruitment Process

Who recruits Clerical Officers in Ireland?

Clerical Officers are recruited by a variety of organisations but one of the largest Clerical Officer recruitment competitions is carried out by the Civil Service. These national Civil Service competitions recruit administrative staff into various government departments in the Public Service. The PAS (Public Appointments Service) is the centralised recruiter for the Civil Service. They run competitions to establish panels of suitably qualified individuals from which various vacancies may be filled. They have advertised in various places including the main recruitment pages of the national newspapers as well as on social media and their own website

How do I apply and what happens then? 

When a Civil Service recruitment campaign is launched for Clerical Officers, applications are made through the Public Appointments Service website After applying you will be given information about the selection stages. These stages can comprise of an online questionnaire and assessment tests. In previous years and in other Clerical competitions assessment tests have included; numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and clerical checking. Later stages include a comptency based interview.

It’s highly competitive

Clerical Officers national competitions attract a very high number of applicants, with thousands applying in every campaign. Preparation is therefore vital in order to give yourself the best chance of succeeding in these competitions. It is not enough to meet the minimum standard, you must maximise your scores in order to move through this highly competitive recruitment competition.

Clerical Officer Assessments and Interviews 

If you apply for Clerical Officer positions in the Civil Service as part of national competitions or for various other Clerical Officer recruitment competitions generally you will be required to undertake assessments and an interview as part of the selection process. These assessments can come in the form of Assessment Questionnaires and on occassion Verbal and Numerical Reasoning Tests. You will also be required to do an interview and the most common form of interview used is a Competency-Based Interview.


Preparating for Clerical Selection Stages

Here at Career Services we specialise in preparing candidates for the selections tests and interviews used in Clerical Officer recruitment. We have helped tens of thousands of candidates succeed at the selection process over the years. Our expertly created online course has everything you need to succeed at the selection stages of various Clerical Officer recruitment competitions. Find out more about how our course can help you achieve your goal of securing a clerical officer position below.

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