Clerical Officer Day Course

Course Price €120

Course Duration: 09.00-13.00

Half Day Course

Lunch Not Included

Classroom & Online Course

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Clerical Officer Day Course

Our Clerical Officer preparation day course is aimed at helping candidates familiarise themselves with the format and style of aptitude tests that have been used in national clerical officer competitions as well as various other clerical officer job positions. This course is perfect for those who wish to prepare for success in the clerical officer competitions. 

The stages of clerical recruitment competitions often include;

- Online Assessment Tests*
- Supervised Assessment Tests*

These tests could include a Personality Questionnaire, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Error Checking

Our preparation course has successfully prepared hundreds of candidates to succeed in various clerical officer competitions over the years. We have over 30 years of assessment industry experience and our courses give candidates the necessary tools and tuition needed to be successful in these kinds of competitions.



Part 1: The Day Course

The day course takes place in top class hotel conference centres to ensure your comfort. During the preparation course all aspects of the clerical style assessment tests are fully analysed, discussed and solutions are fully explained by tutors with the highest relevant qualifications in psychometric testing.

Our tutors always create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere during the course to ensure that there is a positive learning environment. We find that this encourages questioning from students and allows for a clear understanding of the material for the whole class. 

Numerous handouts will be distributed during the course covering all sections and practice material will also be given out for you to try out at home after the course. The course is also a great opportunity to meet other applicants. You will find that they are just as anxious as you are about the exam and it really helps to know that you are not alone. In a group setting like this your performance and confidence can really soar.

Online Resources: Following the day course you are also granted exclusive access to our e-learning platform and online practice material. You get 12 months unlimited online access!

The outline of the course is as follows:

Introduction - Understanding the Recruitment Process

Assessment Questionnaire

Verbal Reasoning (most common formats)

Numerical Reasoning (most common formats)

End of Class Q&A

Dates and Venues

Part 2: The Online Course

Following the day course, you will be enrolled onto our e-learning platform where you will have unlimited access to a substantial amount of practice tests. Revisit areas covered during the class with video tutorials and practice tests. Use your online resources to fine tune your preparation around your own schedule.

Our online practice material and resources have received tremendous feedback and have worked to create a blended learning approach by allowing students to practice what they have learned in the classroom setting at home.

Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests

Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests

Clerical Checking

Guidance on Assessment Questionnaire and Situational Judgement Tests



Next Available Day Courses

Our classroom courses run when a national recruitment competition is launched for Clerical Officers in the civil service. We do not have any classroom courses available at present however our comprehensive online course is available to book