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Just a small sample of the many testimonials we have received!

“Feeling much calmer and better about the aptitude test. Great breakdown of the sections and the tutor was easy to talk to and ask questions. ”

- Frank

“It was the maths section that I was worried about but this course has given me much more confidence with that. I kind of pity people who will be seeing these questions for the first time on the day of the test.”
“This course has prepared me for the upcoming Navy exam. I would be lost with out it. Seriously! ”
- Ivan
“Speaker was excellent as regards explanations and took the time to see that we all understood ”
- Joseph
“Very well presented and explained thoroughly
- Edward
“Helped take the fear away when going for the Navy test as you have knowledge of what to expect” 
- Peter
“Very well presented and there was no problem in going over a question if you didn’t understand it at first” 
- Karen
“I did this course because of the good reviews online and also because I know someone who did the course last year”
- Gavin