Apprenticeship Preparation Course

Combined Course €120

Course Duration: 09.30-13.30

Classroom Tuition

Lunch Not Included

Online & Classroom Course

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Apprenticeship Assessment Preparation

Many apprenticeships require candidates that apply to undergo a series of selection tests in the form of aptitude tests and an interview. Every year we at Career Services successfully prepare hundreds of interested candidates just like you for the ESB assessments and other apprenticeship selection tests including Bus Éireann, eir, Aer Lingus and many more. Our Apprenticeship preparation courses prepare you for the aptitude tests and for the interview for various apprenticeship competitions. Our combined course gives you the best all round preparation and has been expertly designed to help you pass the various stages of the apprenticeship recruitment selection process.



Part 1: The Classroom Course

The courses take place in top class conference centres to ensure your comfort. During the preparation course all aspects of apprenticeship assessments are fully analysed and discussed. Solutions are fully explained by tutors with the highest relevant qualifications in psychometric testing. Our tutors always create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere during the course to ensure that there is a positive learning environment. We find that this encourages questioning from students and as a result allows for a clear understanding of the material for the whole class.

Overhead animated projections are used to good effect in aiding you to understand the different assessments.

Numerous handouts will be distributed during the course covering all sections and practice material will also be given out for you try out at home after the course.

The interview preparation skills learned during the course will not only be beneficial for apprenticeship applications, but you will also learn valuable interview skills that will be useful for the rest of your working life.

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Part 2: Online Course

Your learning doesn't end in the classroom. Our course also offers you access to our interactive e-Learning platform. Following the day course, you will be enrolled onto our e-learning platform where you will have unlimited access to a substantial amount of practice tests. Revisit areas covered during the class with video tutorials and practice tests. Use your online resources to fine tune your preparation around your own schedule.

Our online practice material and resources have received tremendous feedback and have worked to create a blended learning approach by allowing students to practice what they have learned in the classroom setting at home.

You will have unlimited access to your online course for 12 months!


Applying for a Career Services preparation course is not applying for an apprenticeship. Career Services is a private company that helps people to prepare for entrance exams and interviews and bears no association or influence with the organisations mentioned on this website.