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Don't just take our word for it! See what students just like you had to say about our preparation services...

Oísín O’ Riordan

Apprenticeship Candidate

Daria Makarova

Apprenticeship Candidate

James Molloy

Apprenticeship Candidate

Preparation Course

I am so happy that I used the Career Services preparation pack to help me in getting my ESB apprenticeship. Before I did the course I was unsure about how to complete the application form, CV and cover letter. It also helped me with the aptitude tests, It gave me great confidence and I found the course very helpful, easy to understand and would be very happy to recommend the course to anybody looking to prepare for an apprenticeship.

~ Sadhbh Ní Fhlaithearta, Gaillimh

I can honestly say doing the apprenticeship preparation course helped me to secure​ my ESB apprenticeship. I did not know what to expect from the aptitude tests or the interview before attending the course. I learned so much at the course and left feeling confident about my aptitude tests and the interview. I used what I learned at the course and was successful. I cannot thank Career Services enough for helping me ​to ​​succeed with​​ my apprenticeship​.
~ Liam O’ Driscoll, Co. Cork​ 

A huge shout out to Career Services for helping me achieve my dream job as an apprentice aircraft mechanic. The apprenticeship preparation course was a huge asset to me and allowed me to approach the aptitude tests and interviews with huge confidence allowing me to do well in them. This therefore unlocked a new stage of my life as an aircraft mechanic. My tutor for the day brilliantly broke down what the aptitude tests required, and the booklet allowed me to adequately prepare in advance for the interview. Once again thanks for the great help.

~ Sean Meaney, Co. Clare

I found the Career Services preparations course to be a huge help when applying for the ESB apprenticeship. They were able to give me great experience of the aptitude test prior to sitting it. The staff are very friendly and really accommodating. I would highly recommend Career Services to anyone who is thinking of applying for the ESB.
~  Billy O’Malley, Co. Cork

My son attended the apprenticeship course in Galway today. I just want to say thank you. He learned a lot and it was a very well run training course. Great instructor, well done.
~ Edel Hogan, Co.Clare

I feel that attending the apprenticeship course was a great help to me in securing my EIR apprenticeship. I was unsure as to what the aptitude tests and interview stage entailed before attending this course. I learned so much from the clear explanation given by the tutor at the course and I felt much more confident about my aptitude tests and interview. I used the knowledge I gained at the course for each assessment stage and thankfully I was successful. I would like to give a big thank you to career services for helping me succeed with my apprenticeship.
~ Megan Banahan, Co. Roscommon 

I am delighted to say that the apprenticeship preparation course helped me in getting my plumbing apprenticeship. Before I did the course, I was unsure about the aptitude test, I found the course very helpful, easy to understand and would one hundred percent recommend the course to anybody looking to get the apprenticeship that suits them.
~ Adam Loughlin, Co. Meath 

I found Careers Services approach to the whole process of applying to an apprenticeship very helpful and they covered it very well. Definitely well worth doing these courses. Having used Career Services, I would highly recommend them and everything they covered came up in my interview and the aptitude test. I can say that Career Services were a major help to me in my pursuit to an apprenticeship. The staff and course content were excellent and very helpful. This course is definitely worth doing as it’s a great benefit to achieving the apprenticeship. Thank you for all your help and I am delighted to say I got my apprenticeship!
~  Conor McShea, Co. Sligo 

I attended the Apprenticeship Preparation course and found the course and handout notes to be a huge help to me sitting the aptitude tests. When it came to the interview I referred back to the notes which obviously did the trick as I was successful and started my Electrical Apprenticeship with the ESB in September. I absolutely love it and am so grateful to Career Services for their help and guidance.
~ Geoff Flanagan, Co. Kildare 

I found the course excellent and very informative particularly for the aptitude tests. The course was very beneficial, and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering applying for an ESB apprenticeship​
~ Luke O’ Grady, Co. Roscommon ​

The course was very good in terms of learning how to prepare for a number of things such as interview skills and aptitude testing. I would recommend this preparation course to anyone looking to apply for an apprenticeship
~ Conor Cowman, Co. Waterford

The course was informative and was well explained. If I didn’t attend I would feel that I would have no chance of getting the apprenticeship I want. Thank you
~ Ray Doyle, Co. Wexford 

The course was a great help and I am glad I came to it. It covered the steps well
~ Shane O’ Hara, Co. Mayo

I found the course helpful in all aspects, especially the interview preparation
~ Conor Smith, Co. Roscommon 

Very helpful and useful. Great knowing what is coming up on the aptitude tests and interview
~ Andrew Regan, Co. Sligo 

I thought the course was very beneficial and informative. I feel more confident now going into my application
~ Killian Sheehan, Co. Meath

Very good and a great help for the future
~ Conor Cadby, Co. Donegal 

It was very good, very helpful and really made me realise what is required for the process for various apprenticeships. Our tutor was very helpful and explained everything very well
~ Chris Cowman, Co. Wexford

I thought the course was very beneficial for me and I am looking forward to using the skills I acquired today in applying for the various apprenticeships
~ Marc Lusson, Co. Mayo

The course today was very helpful. I feel confident moving on from this with the ESB apprenticeship
~ Fearghal Duffy, Co. Mayo

I thought the course today gave me a lot of insight and help for preparing for my ESB aptitude tests
~ Jack Heaslip, Co. Clare 

Very well presented and explained with lots of booklets and information

~ Ronan Jordan, Co. Mayo

The course was very helpful. I learned a lot from it and it should be a big help in going forward

~ Shane Broderick, Co. Clare 

The course was very enjoyable. It was extremely helpful and thought me a lot about the assessments and interview

~ Daniel Quigley, Co. Wicklow

I am very happy with deciding to so the course. I learned a lot about applying for apprenticeships and the tests

~ Eoin Purcell, Co. Laois 

The course was very interesting and went into great detail. It was very helpful in understanding what is required

~ Geoffrey Healy, Co Waterford 

I found the course to be very good and informative in regards preparing me for both the aptitude tests and interview for the ESB. I find it will also be useful for me and stand to me in the future

~ Bill O’Connell, Co. Tipperary 

The course was very helpful, and I feel more confident about the interview and doing the assessments tests

~ Brandon Power, Co. Wexford

I found the course very helpful and feel it will be a big help in going forward

~ Kevin Holden, Co. Kilkenny 

Please Note: Applying for a Career Services preparation course is not applying for an apprenticeship. Career Services is a private company that helps people to prepare for entrance exams and interviews and bears no association or influence with the organisations mentioned on this website. Our course is not mandatory it is optional.

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