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Don't just take our word for it! See what students just like you had to say about our preparation services...

Rachael Hollinshead, Co. Roscommon

Garda Candidate

John, Co. Meath

Garda Candidate

Diana Munteanu, Dublin

Garda Candidate

Please Note: Applying for a Career Services preparation course is not applying for an apprenticeship. Career Services is a private company that helps people to prepare for entrance exams and interviews and bears no association or influence with the organisations mentioned on this website. Our course is not mandatory it is optional.

Preparation Courses

“I completed the Career Services Garda Complete Package for the 2023 Garda Recruitment Campaign and placed No.  1 in the country in Order of Merit in both the Stage 1 aptitude tests and the Stage 2 Interview. I can say without doubt that the excellent material and preparation provided in the course helped me to perform as well as I did. The online practice tests and video lessons were invaluable for the aptitude tests as was the comprehensive interview preparation. Career Services’ customer service is also second to none and they were always on hand for help and advice. I could not recommend their preparation services more highly to anyone considering applying for the Garda recruitment process. A big thank you to all at the Career Services team!”

~ Róisín (Placed No.1 in OOM in stage 1 & No.1 in OOM in stage 2 – 2023 Garda Campaign) 


“Overall I would say that the course was worthwhile and it did help to prepare me for the real test. As proof of the efficacy of the course I can say that I was indeed promoted and your course was of assistance to me in achieving that promotion.”

~ Serving Superintendent


I’ve just been accepted into the Garda college in Templemore. I just want to say a big thank you for all your help and support. I hadn’t a clue before I got your online course but it broke it down for me so I could understand it better. Your online courses were brilliant I wouldn’t have passed without your help. Thanks again.

~ Brendan Sweeney, Co. Clare


I passed my Stage 3 Interview as part of the Garda Recruitment process. I signed up to Career Services for your Stage 1 and Stage 2 courses. I have to say that the practice tests were a tremendous benefit, and also note that the tutorials you provided were absolutely excellent. I was in contact with Career Services numerous times, dating back to before the recruitment campaign was even launched or announced. I found your company very helpful. Many thanks again. 
~ Stephen Scott, Co. Meath


I’d just like to let you know that your Stage 1 Course was so helpful. It was easy to follow, clear, concise and really helped me in getting through to Stage 2. I’m in the top 20 after the first stage of the Garda recruitment and I definitely wouldn’t have done that well without your prep course. It’s been hugely beneficial.

Rachael Hollinshead, Co. Roscommon


“I am currently waiting for the next intake class after passing all stages with an OOM in the 50s. I don’t know how I would have fared without the help of Career Services. They gave a clear direction and strategy for doing well in the various stages. The course instructors were brilliant and helped with feedback and advice long after the courses were over. The work put in on your own time is massively important but with the direction of Career Services, you know what to aim at and how to hit it every time. I couldn’t recommend the course and people involved more highly”

Gary Twamley, Co. Dublin


“I would just like to thank you for your service. I applied in the 2019 campaign and have just received an offer to start this month and without your Stage 1 and 2 online courses it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t have made it. Will definitely be recommending your service.”

Daniel Ebbs, Co. Dublin 


“I completed the Career Services ‘Stage 3 Interview Preparation Course’ during my journey through the Garda Recruitment Campaign. On the day, we were provided with comprehensive information including a material pack & a full day workshop. The Career Services team were extremely helpful, giving each person individual attention throughout different stages of the day. I am delighted to say that I passed the interview and feel that without this course I would not have been as confident with the information that I provided about myself during the interview. I would certainly recommend Career Services to anyone who is preparing for the aptitude test / interview involved in the Garda recruitment process”

~ Laura Nolan, Co. Offaly 


“I booked a course for stage 1 in the Carlton this year, used your course online for stage 2 and attended stage 3 in Portlaoise… I want to thank you for your course as it immensely helped me and I subsequently passed my interview for the Garda Trainee 2019 on the 25th of November! I am 568 OOM. I would have no hesitation in recommending Careers Services should I know anyone applying”

D Killian, Co. Dublin 


“I would highly recommend the courses offered by Career Services to get myself prepared for the Garda recruitment campaign.  It’s about investing in you and giving yourself the best opportunity to progress and by attending the courses on offer it helped greatly to remove any doubts or possible confusion about the process. Thanks again to all involved, it’s greatly appreciated “

Damien Burke, Co, Galway 


“I’m delighted to say all your help has been brilliant for my application this year. I passed each stage with ease and that was with the help and guidance you provided. I did stage 2 and 3 with you guys and it was the best money I’ve spent. I’m currently waiting to hear when I get to start in Templemore and I couldn’t be more excited and thankful for your help in getting me to here”

David Dunne, Co. Kildare


“Just emailing in relation to the results I received yesterday from Stage 3, I passed with an OOM of 150, I had completed all 3 courses with ye this year and they were brilliant in guiding me through the process. A particular thanks to Ed and Patrick. I hope to be in the first batch into Templemore”

Lauren, Co. Cork 


“I did a Garda stage 1, 2 and 3 preparation course last year with ye, I started my training last week in Templemore and can honestly say I wouldn’t be there if not for the preparation courses, the best money I ever spent thanks again” 

Eric O’Herlihy, Co. Cork 


“I found the Career Services Garda preparation course excellent. At first I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Paddy, the course lecturer was top class in the way he broke things down and simplified it. Everything was explained in a thorough and comprehensive manner. He wasn’t afraid to take on questions and answer them, going through anything you may ask slowly. I’d recommend Career Services to anyone who is a little unsure as to what to expect in the upcoming Garda recruitment stage”

Kieran Langan, Co. Mayo 


“I found Career Services very helpful and only for your preparation courses I would not have made it through. Career Service’s staff were very helpful and very approachable. Róisín who works in the Career Services office was extremely helpful and was always there on the other side of the phone for support and guidance”

~ Alan Sheridan, Co. Monaghan 


“Currently I’m on the last stage. Just the fitness test to do and I wanted to thank you guys. This is my first time going for the guards and if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have made it this far. Thank you for everything”

Daragh Cullen, Co. Dublin


“Hi, I found the course very helpful and worthwhile, it was worth every penny. I passed my interview with no issue. The course was a great help to prepare for the interview, I felt so confident going in, I’m currently waiting on my intake date. Thanks for the help” 

~ Aaron West, Co. Roscommon 


“Found Career Services a huge benefit. I found being in a small group rather than 1 on 1 coaching is far more beneficial to me. Other people asked the questions that I wouldn’t have, and I benefitted hugely from it. I definitely would not have passed my interview if I didn’t attend the Career Services day. I received a huge confidence boost and had very little nerves before the interview”

Shaun Harrison, Co. Roscommon 


Attending the Career Services course allowed me to feel confident going in to the interview. The attention to detail to each possible question was excellent. In a class of about twenty, you still got the one on one feeling that allowed you to build your points and elaborate more. I would highly recommend Career Services preparation courses for the future.

Jamie Madden, Co. Westmeath 


“This course gave me great preparation for the interview and I passed it with flying colours, I am now waiting to be called for the fitness test, I would recommend this course to anyone with an interview coming up”

Jason Doherty, Co. Mayo


“Just wanted to send a brief note thanking you and all the team from Career Services. I’ve passed all stages and I’m waiting for a start date (hopefully September). I can easily say there’s not a chance I would be here had I not done Stage 1 and 2 in particular. In 2013, I bombed out first round!! The online site, which I used literally every day was an invaluable source for preparation. The interview course gave me great confidence going in to my own interview. Thank you, best money I’ve ever spent!”

Patrick Ryan, Co. Wexford


I always wanted to be a Guard, it has always my ambition. I researched it well and talked to lots of Guards and they talked about how they had done preparation courses. When I booked the course and completed it I was at ease and was confident. I could not see myself doing as well without the help and guidance of Career Services.

~ Peter Connellan


I attended the Career Services Stage 1 and 2 preparation courses for the role of a Garda Trainee at the start of 2016. I am e-mailing to thank you so much for the help I received at the day course and for the practice tests, the guide I received to take home and also the online tests. Thankfully I came in the top 200 in both stage 1 and 2. Since then I have passed all the stages and I am starting my training in Templemore on the 12th of September 2016. I would like to give a special word of thanks to Patrick Nealon who was the instructor I had for both stages. Patrick was brilliant, very easy to talk to and very very good at his job. Any queries I had in class or by e-mail were swiftly answered by Patrick. Even though the days were long, Patrick made it seem as if they were only a couple of hours. The classes were very enjoyable and interesting. Thanks again. 

Sean Purcell, Co. Dublin 


“I’m now based in Castlebar working away and I’m loving the job. Looking back on what I did with Careers Services I found all of it very helpful for the different stages. The initial aptitude tests were covered very comprehensively and some very valuable pointers were given by Career Services to help in getting the highest marks. The interview preparation was excellent and having gone through the process I can say that Career Services had all angles covered. I’d recommend Career Services to anyone seriously thinking of going through the recruitment process for the Gardai. A special mention for the tutors Eddie and Patrick who were always only a phone call away to offer any advice at any stage of the process. They offer a very personal service.”

Garda Eoin O’Malley


“I found Careers Services’ step by step approach to be incredibility helpful and it put me at ease knowing that I had been given the tools to be ready for each stage. Definitely well worth doing these courses.  I have used Career Services for each step of the recruitment stages and honestly, everything they covered and everything I learned came up in the exams. I passed each stage with the help of Career Services. The courses were informative and helpful. The staff are very knowledgeable in their field and I would strongly recommend them to anyone pursuing a career with the Gardai. Thank you for all your help”  😀

John N, Co. Waterford


“I wasn’t too sure about doing the course at first, I thought I’d be fine and able to get through on my own. However, I couldn’t have been more glad that I did the course! They explained exactly what would be needed of me on the day, individually helped with the competencies as to make sure you had the best possible ones for each. It was a calm & relaxed course where I felt I was gaining something every minute I was there. I couldn’t encourage enough to do it, with competition so tough for the Garda recruitment, I feel the Career Services course is a must do if you’re serious about getting through”

Stephen Griffin, Co. Galway 


”I previously availed of the Career Services aptitude assessment preparation course and the interview preparation course for the last Garda recruitment campaign. I found material covered in these courses were of great benefit to me in my application, I got to see first hand what type of questions to expect in the assessments and the interview and more importantly how to best answer them so as to stand out from other candidates. The course also covers doing a trial assessment and interview so as to best prepare you for performing under pressure. After undertaking the course I felt much more confident in my approach to the recruitment campaign and as a result I was successful in getting my training position in Templemore. Overall, I would highly recommend any future applicants availing of career services to be best prepared for the competitive recruitment campaign! I found it a great help! I am currently in my 18th week of training and passing out of the college on the 10th of March!”

John Lynch, Co. Cork 


“I took part in two separate prep courses earlier this year, I participated in one course to assist with the aptitude tests and one to help with the interview, I am now a Trainee Garda in the Garda training college in Templemore and without a doubt I would not be here without your help, many thanks.”

Shane Lyons, Co. Dublin 


“I can say with confidence that the classes I did at Career Services are the reason I got into the guards during the toughest recruitment campaign in the organisations history. Can’t recommend it enough.”

Garda Ian Hourigan, Co. Dublin


”I just want to say that to this day I still give people your name for the courses you provide when they are enquiring at the station about entry to the Gardai. I can honestly say that without your course I would never have passed, especially the aptitude test. The analytical alone would have had me running out of the test centre without even attempting it. But fortunately you explained it all so well in the course that I didn’t have a problem with it. I do know that I would not be here in the station now writing this had I not done your course.”

Garda (stationed in Dungarvan)


”I am now a student Garda and only for the help of the tutors in Career Services I would have gone to the table with the completely wrong approach to the selection assessments and interview.”

Garda Trainee Paul 


“The interview material was probably the best one for me as we received fantastic help and the instructors went through each of our examples for each competency, how it could be altered or how we could maybe use a more favorable example. The material received for stage 4 again was full of detail and very helpful”

~ Garda Trainee Sharon 


“I managed to pass all 3 of the stages I used the assistance of Career Services for all of them and I can’t thank them enough. For anyone who is serious about applying for the Gardaí, I would definitely recommend partaking in these courses as the value for money is fantastic.”

~ Garda Trainee Noel M 


”Remember that it is a small price to pay for the professional help you receive. I have since talked to prospective candidates going forward for the test and interview who were not prepared. From talking to these candidates I was convinced I was far more prepared than they were, and that’s where it counts. I passed.”

Garda Trainee Aisling


“After having been placed in band 2 of Stage 1 of the Garda recruitment in 2013 I was called back to compete at Stage 2 in August 2015. I had seen various ads from Career Services and decided to try out the course to assist me with that stage. It was a morning spent with one of the instructors going over the material and getting us familiar with each and every aspect of the stage. The information, knowledge and practice material we received was outstanding and I know I wouldn’t have done nearly as well without their help.”

Ryan T 


”Without your course I had no idea what to expect as the information from the Public Appointments Service was inadequate. I sign off only to say many thanks and best wishes to all future applicants in your guidance. I would recommend your course to anyone who is seriously thinking about a career in An Garda Síochána.”

Garda Trainee John 


“I attended an interview preparation course with Career Services in 2015 and I found the course essential for my progression through the recruitment stages. I am certain that I would have failed the interview stage had it not been for Career Services. I would recommend them as they are patient, professional and will ensure you are 100% ready before the course ends.”

Garda Trainee Razvan G 


“I’m currently in the midst of stage 5 so I honestly can’t thank you and your organisation enough. The help I got was without a doubt invaluable.”

Stephen O’Mahony


“Very good content! Particularly the Report Writing, it was good to work in teams and get other people’s insights and opinions. Thanks for the help!”

~ Raegan Sherwin

“Time Management was perfect. Great content on the day and also the fact that the online part has even more is extremely beneficial”

~ Jamie O’Neill

“Very good course! Excellent tutors. Feel a lot more at ease and very well structured”

~ Steven Nolan

“Very helpful! Without doing the stage 1 course I would not have passed the first stage. Feeling confident for the next stage”

~ Christina Brady

The course was hugely beneficial in terms of a structure and plan. I now feel confident in tackling this”

~ James Nolan

“I found the classroom course very informative. I had tried to book a classroom course for Stage 1 but it was booked out. I went for the online course instead which was great. I could ask questions and get a clear understanding of the exam layouts in the classroom course at Stage 2”

~ Gemma Segrave

“Such a great course. Makes all the stuff easier to understand”

~ Jody Croly

“Brilliant. Very informative and very well structured. Explains everything needed”

~ Tony King

“I found the Career Services course very helpful. Having undertook the in class course and also through the online database, I feel ready for my aptitude tests”

Stephen Brehony


“The course today was very helpful and has now prepared me to complete Stage 2 of the Garda recruitment”

~ Keenan McGawik

“Great course, lots of information. Tutors were very very helpful. Feeling very confident now”

~ Guilherme Carvalho

“Good use of time, focusing on new exercises and the ability to work at home after the course”

Ronan Mc Quillan

“Very good! Highly informative. Thank you”

~ Ruain Brodigan


“It really helped me to understand how to write a report. Now I know how to write one properly. These course courses are really worth the money because it really helped me to pass stage 1 where I achieved a high score”

~ Roksana Bulawa

“Like the Stage 1 course it was very beneficial. Thanking you”

~ Anthony Killilea

“Very informative and a great insight into what to expect”

~ Janine Jordan


“Hi I passed my interview and I am now awaiting my physical so thanks so much to your course for the help I needed”

Alan Sheridan

“Hi, I found the course very helpful and worthwhile, it was worth every penny. I passed my Interview with no issue. The course was great help to prepare for the interview, I felt so confident going in, I’m currently waiting on my intake dateThanks for the help” 

Alan Murphy


Passed my interview but ran into another aspect of the process. Additionally, candidates should prepare for the event of being asked for a third example of a competency after giving two (For example: Can you give me an example of competency X where you feel you could have done better, what would you have changed). In such an incident a candidate could refer to a backup of another prepared competency but just to be aware that it’s possible. The course was fantastic and the staff very professional and know their stuff.

Aaron West


Currently I’m on the last stage. Just the fitness and what to thank you guys this is my first time going for the guards. And if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have made it this far thank you for everything 

Gerard Shiels 


Attending the Garda Interview Preparation course allowed me to feel confident going in to the interview. The attention to detail to each possible question was excellent. In a class of about twenty, you still got the one on one feeling that allowed you to build your points and elaborate more. I would highly recommend Career Services preparation courses for the future.

Daragh Cullen


Found Career Services a huge benefit. I found being in a small group rather than 1 on 1 coaching is far more beneficial to me. Other people asked the questions that I wouldn’t have, and I benefitted hugely from it. I definitely would not have passed my interview if I didn’t attend the career services day. I received a huge confidence boost and had very little nerves before the interview.

Jamie Madden


I found the courses very beneficial indeed as I passed the interview stage and I am currently waiting to go for my fitness test for the Gardai

~Shaun Harrison

Please note: We are not affiliated with An Garda Síochána or the Public Appointments Service (the official recruiter) and our courses are optional.

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