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Garda Preparation Courses

Garda Recruitment Process

After a Garda recruitment competition is launched on the Public Appoinments Service website, eligible candidates that apply are required to undergo and be successful in a number of competitive selection stages including Garda aptitude tests and assessments, a competency based interview and fitness test. We have undoubtedly established ourselves as Ireland’s leading provider of Garda preparation courses for the selection stages of Garda recruitment competitions.

Did you know? 

Approximately 30% of serving members have used Career Services! So you know you are in good hands. With 35+ years of experience, we have helped thousands of candidates just like you to succeed in the selection stages of Garda recruitment campaigns. Successfully prepare for all the different stages of the Garda recruitment process with our renowned Garda preparation courses.

Garda Preparation Courses
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Please note: We are not affiliated with An Garda Síochána or the Public Appointments Service (the official recruiter) and our courses are optional.