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Garda Inspector Promotion 2021/2022

A new Garda Sergeant to Inspector promotion competition is now running.

The Minister for Justice, Heather Humphreys, recently introduced new regulations which significantly reform the promotion process for key Garda ranks such as inspectors. This new appointment process is now carried out under the remit of the Public Appointments Service (PAS). Previous promotion competitions were managed internally in An Garda Síochána.

The PAS use a two-stage recruitment competition system. Initially, eligible candidates will have to sit a suite of psychometric tests. Afterwards, candidates who are successful in the psychometric tests are invited to attend a competency-based interview.


What can we do for you?

These changes will inevitably cause challenges for many candidates, including you, as you may not be used to performing assessments such as psychometric tests.  We understand that you will want to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed, so we have created a preparation course to help you.

Garda Inspector Preparation Course

Numerical Reasoning

Mathematics is not a strong point for many candidates, and it has probably been many years since you have previously attempted a formal maths assessment.  This course provides:

> Lessons on the basic mathematical concepts (percentages, fractions, etc.) required to answer the numerical questions.

> Guided Lessons on how to use the computer calculator efficiently - you will not be allowed to use your own calculator or roughwork for the official assessment.

> 7 Practice Exercises to help you practice your mathematical skills. These are practice tests of varying difficulty levels to help you practice answering questions of a similar format to the official assessment.

> A Mock Test of similar difficultly to the official test. This should be the last preparation that you do so that you are fully primed to perform in the official test


Verbal Reasoning

The verbal reasoning assessment is a difficult test as it involves reading a lot of confusing information and evaluating statements under very tight time constraints. This course provides:


>  Lessons on the format, approaches, and confusing language.

> Guided Lesson with a tutor narrating an approach through a sample test.

> 6 Practice Exercises to help you practice your approach. These are practice tests of varying difficulty levels to help you practice answering questions of a similar format to the official assessment.

> A Mock Test of similar difficultly to the official test. This will ensure you are primed to perform your very best in the official test.



Situational Judgement Tests

This involves multiple scenarios that you may encounter in a supervisory/middle management role within An Garda Síochána. You will rely on your leadership and management qualities to decide the best course of action for each scenario. 


1 Mock Test*

*This mock test is the same supervisory/ management test that we created for the recent Garda Sergeants promotion competition. Each scenario is created to assess supervisory/management decisions, so it should be helpful to prepare you for the layout, format, and difficulty level of the official assessment. Ultimately, your success in this assessment will depend on your professional judgment and experience.



Who we are

We are a small team of dedicated professionals who work full-time in the assessments preparation industry. Our business was founded in 1987 and we have been providing preparation for Garda Trainee entrance assessments since the introduction of psychometric tests in the early nineties.  Since then, we have firmly established ourselves as the leading preparation course provider for Garda entrance assessments. Today, there are thousands of serving members that have completed and recommend our courses.

We intend to continue this success with the new PAS Garda promotions assessments by ensuring:

- Expert course design and delivery

- Helpful and friendly customer service

- Fair value



Under normal circumstances, we would sell this course at €165. But, as this is the first year that the PAS is holding these assessments, and we wish to consolidate our relationships with members of the force, we are currently offering this course for €99. This is incredible value at this price.