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Administrative Officer Recruitment

2023 Administrative Officer Campaign

The Public Appointments Service has launched a campaign for Specialist Administrative Officers (DUBLIN). Closing date is Thursday 9th February 2023 at 3:00pm. Applications are taken on the PAS website. Those who apply will have to complete assessment tests and an interview as part of the selection process. Prepare for success at the selection stages with our expertly designed online preparation course. 

Preparing for Administrative Officer Assessments and Interviews

The Administrative Officer grade is the main graduate recruitment grade for the civil service. Career Services-The Entrance Exam Experts has been Ireland's leading provider of preparation courses for the selection tests used for entry into various careers since 1987. Our courses have helped thousands of candidates successfully prepare for assessment tests that have formed part of the selection process in many recruitment campaigns within the Public Service. The PAS (Public Appointments Service) is the centralised recruiter for the Civil Service. They run competitions to establish panels of suitably qualified individuals from which various vacancies may be filled.

Administrative Officer Campaign


2022 Administrative Officer Campaign 

The Public Appointments Service has launched a Administrative Officer Recruitment Campaign. Closing date for applications is Thursday 6th October 2022 on the Public Appointments Service website Our expertly designed Administrative Officer assessment preparation course is suitable for the assessments and interview used as part of the selection stages in these kinds of recruitment campaigns. 

Selection Process

Note: The process below is a general overview of the selection process. Each campaign varies, the steps involved in each campaign are published in an Information Booklet provided by the PAS at the beginning of each campaign. Each candidate should refer to this for the steps involved in the recruitment process.

1. Apply online when applications open

2. Online selection tests - competency based, verbal, numerical

3. Supervised in-house assessment (verification of online tests)

4. Optional specialist assessment

5. Assessment centre e.g. interview, group exercises etc.

This information is based on the Public Appointments Service website and you can learn more here


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Preparing for the Graduate level A.O. assessment tests

As part of these recruitment campaigns, candidates will be required to undertake online assessments as part of the selection process. These can take various forms including verbal and numerical aptitude tests. We have expertly designed an online assessment test preparation course for Administrative Officer / Graduate Entry level recruitment campaigns. 

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The Importance of Preparation

As candidates that qualify at Stage 1 (the online tests) are usually called forward to the next stage by order of merit, your goal is to maximise your score in order to place as highly as possible. Why not give yourself the best chance at passing the exam? Gain confidence and learn techniques to maximise your performance for these highly competitive selection tests. Prepare using practice material based on previous exam questions and become fully familiar with the types of questions that arise. This course will be excellent preparation for anyone who is serious about succeeding in these kinds of competitions.


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