Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us

Below we outline why you should choose Career Services for your HPAT preparation over other providers. Our experience and expertise has thought us what is important when it comes to preparing for the HPAT. We have a proven track record and undeniable benefits that other course providers cannot compete with. Read more about these below...

1. Irish Operated Irish Owned

We are a fully Irish owned Irish run company. We are only ever a phone call/email away. Our office is staffed from 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday by a team of dedicated professionals who are on hand for any assistance you may need. Other service providers out there offer little to no customer service in Ireland.


2. Tutors and Experience

Our HPAT tutors work full time with us and are the best in the industry. This is also reflected in the fact that they are in high demand with other companies who wish to contract them to run their courses. The experience and qualifications and the full time professional capacity of the three Career Services tutors involved in the HPAT–Ireland Preparation Course and other Aptitude Test Courses is second to none. All the Career Services tutors are Honors Degree graduates and are experts in psychometric examinations. Career Services has been in the business of preparing students for aptitude tests in Ireland since 1987. No one else can come close to this experience. Other service providers contract their staff so we do not know who run their courses or their level of expertise. Beware of claims that “medical experts” are tutoring courses. Do not let this mislead you. The HPAT-Ireland exam requires no medical knowledge. It is an aptitude test, not a medical examination. 


3. Quality over Quantity

We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to our HPAT course material and content. Our HPAT courses are designed to fit around your study. The Leaving certificate year is a very time restrictive one and students are juggling lots of things at once. Studying for the Leaving Certificate will take up the vast majority of your time in the run up to the official HPAT Exam. And that is as it should be. Our course has been designed to fit around your Leaving Certificate study schedule, and to ensure you are getting the best quality material and content which you can realistically work through alongside your other studies.

Our course provides in excess of 40 hours of study material of high quality lessons and practice materials. We also allow our students to keep all course handouts used in the HPAT course because we consider it is vital to have this material for revision purposes right up to the day of the official HPAT-Ireland test. Other courses do not allow for this. 


4. Classroom Sizes

Our classroom sizes are kept small to allow for one to one attention and to ensure a complete understanding of what is being covered by all attendees. We do not believe in packing as many people as possible into a classroom especially when what is being covered includes complex information and understanding. Our classroom sizes are always similar to school class sizes. This ensures that students can ask the questions they need to and get the focused attention they need. Other course providers have classes sized 100+ with only a single tutor.


5. Price

Our courses are by far the best value on the market whilst maintaining the content or quality of materials. In fact, we update our material annually to ensure that we have the most up to date material included in our courses. Other providers charge very expensive prices expensive prices for their courses which do not feature the benefits outlined above.