Webinar Courses

Virtual Learning that Works

Our webinars allow us to deliver our courses to you virtually and provide a high quality, effective and engaging learning experience.


Delivering Expert Tuition Virtually




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engaging experience


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Unusual and challenging times

The impacts of Covid-19 have been felt across the world and across many industries including the education industry. We are fortunate to be living in a digital age and have embraced the challenge. Our online capabilities and sophisticated technology has allowed us to adapt effectively to the demands of these uncertain times and to deliver tuition in an engaging and interactive manner by utilising industry leading webinar software to deliver the highest quality virtual learning experiences. 

Uninterrupted preparation

Our course delivery will remain uninterrupted. Our webinars allow us to bring you our expertise and preparation wherever you are and whatever the circumstances.

We can't deliver a physical day course? No problem.

If we cannot physically deliver a day course due to the Covid-19 health crisis we can deliver it to you online.

You cannot attend a physical day course? No problem.

If you cannot attend a day course you can choose an online alternative.

No matter what the circumstances, we will prepare you. We have researched and invested in the best webinar platform for our online course delivery in order to provide you with a flexible option to access our expert preparation. 

Industry Experts

Career Services is Ireland's leading Education and Training company. We were established in 1987 and have developed over the years by supporting candidates interested in achieving success during the selection process for a variety of career choices. Today, Career Services is synonymous with success in preparing candidates for psychometric tests and interviews, giving them the confidence to advance in their desired career.