What students think of our course?


Survey Responses: 

How was your experience overall?


"Excellent. It was extremely well run and very much on time”


"It was brilliant"

"Was really enjoyable"

"Amazing, gave me a better insight into how to prepare"

"Very good, came out feeling a lot more confident"

"Very good- found it really helpful and gave such good tips etc"

"Very helpful and gave great insights and tips for approaching questions in all sections"

“I really enjoyed it, the quality overall was great, it was very well structured. Very easy to follow and understand”

"I thought it was a great course. the tutor seemed really dedicated and nice and engaging and it wasn’t a boring class at all"

"Really interesting and educational. This course today was really well done"


What did you like most about the course?

"Very informative and step by step what to expect"

"I liked how we were able to practice the questions and also enjoyed being able to take it from home"

"We learned how to look at questions from a different perspective "

"The way he didn’t just drone on but gave us a chance to answer sample questions"

"The structure and explanation of section 3"

"The interactive polls- made you think the whole time!"

"How interactive each section was"

"Interactive experience"

"The breakdown of the information about answering the questions"

"It was very informative"

"Explanation of practice questions"

"Well informed. Everything covered equally. Great lot of practice"

"It was clear and to the point and provided very useful and relevant information and tips"

"Working through examples together really made a difference"

"I thought the day course had a nice pace and the frequent short breaks helped concentration"

"It was really well laid out and I enjoyed how it was live"

"The explanation and breakdown of each section"


Is there anything we could improve on?

"No. Honestly I can’t even imagine attending the actual facility. It was so much better learning from the comfort of my own home.

"Everything was organised and structured"

"No, I thought it was very well organized and put together"

"I don’t think so I loved it"

"There's nothing I can think of that I would change"

"Not in my opinion"

"No everything was great"